New version of Rackspace OnMetal boosts performance for demanding workloads like Cassandra, Docker, Spark

Rackspace unveiled Thursday generation of OnMetal Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack, bare metal, single-tenant servers that are API-provisioned in two minutes, providing near-instant scalability and elasticity.

The new version of OnMetal Cloud Servers delivers connectivity between public cloud and dedicated hardware and enables hybrid cloud performance. Both Microsoft and Linux workloads can now benefit from these next generation capabilities by capitalizing on the flexibility of public cloud with the performance and security of bare metal servers.

OnMetal v2 Cloud Servers integrates with cloud networks and RackConnect 3.0 for superior hybrid cloud connectivity, apart from improved storage capabilities, higher capacity and more reliable boot devices with up to 800GB local boot drive storage capacity in a RAID 1 mirrored configuration with two hot-swappable disks to improve uptime and reduce the risk of lost data.

It also provides hardware and software upgrades, built on second generation Open Compute servers and featuring latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, as well as an improved selection of guest images, including Windows support. The OnMetal Cloud Servers will be available in multiple U.S. and UK data centers.

OnMetal Cloud Servers are an ideal solution for customers looking to run workloads such as Cassandra, Docker, Spark and Windows that require intensive data processing, raw compute power and the ability to scale and deploy. This offering gives customers bare metal speed, with the control, security and consistent performance comparable to dedicated hardware.

OnMetal Cloud Servers help increase efficiencies at scale, allowing customers to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT operations by consolidating workloads from many virtual environments to a few bare metal servers.

OnMetal Cloud Servers are faster, higher capacity and more reliable than the first generation. The bare metal servers feature improvements of 250 percent in write performance, 40 percent in read performance and include up to 800 GB of local boot drive storage capacity. Also, they feature RAID 1 mirrored storage with two hot-swappable disks to improve uptime and help to reduce the risk of lost data.

Since its June 2014 launch, OnMetal Cloud Servers has been solving problems inherent in shared tenant virtual machines including compromised speed and performance due to the hypervisor and other virtualization overhead and complexity. With OnMetal, users get bare-metal speeds, consistent performance and the scalability of the cloud in a single-tenant environment.

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