New UrsaLeo 3D Digital Twin delivers advanced user interfaces to Industry 4.0 environments

UrsaLeo launched on Monday its UrsaLeo 3D Digital Twin technology that brings advanced user interfaces to Industry 4.0 and combines live sensor, asset, and maintenance data with 3D models, allowing users to digitally visualize, monitor, and control equipment. 

Ursaleo 3D combines photorealistic 3D models of equipment with live sensor, asset, and maintenance data. The system is capable of mapping thousands of data points onto a single screen and users experience increasing levels of detail as they zoom in and out of the digital twin. Advanced viewing modes are also supported including X-Ray vision to see inside containers and equipment, smooth animations of moving assets, and automatic zoom to critical areas based on user defined rules.

Photorealistic 3D models of equipment and spaces are created from CAD files or from scanning spaces using 360 degree cameras and photogrammetry techniques. The cost of model creation is modest, with data being hosted in the cloud and delivered to as many users as needed to be viewed on a computing device or in VR. Remote control of equipment is possible, typically with the user wearing a VR headset.

“With the release of our digital twin technology, we are able to offer users an interface that provides insight into large amounts of data that is more robust and immediately actionable than the typical IoT dashboard,” commented UrsaLeo CEO John Burton. ‘With UrsaLeo 3D, we now offer a comprehensive digital control center for all industry 4.0 assets, maintenance, and live sensor data.”

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