New u-blox UBX-R5 IoT chipset secures GCF certification with built‑in end‑to‑end security

u‑blox announced Monday certification by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) of the UBX‑R5, u‑blox’s proprietary multi‑band LTE‑M/NB‑IoT chipset featuring end‑to‑end device security, data security, and access control management. It is a LTE‑M/NB‑IoT chipset to be certified under GCF’s IoT chipset program, and offers wireless technology integration with built‑in end‑to‑end security, making it ideal for mission‑critical or long life‑cycle IoT applications. 

Launched in January this year, the program is designed to certify IoT chipsets covering NB‑IoT and LTE‑M to allow the IoT ecosystem to integrate and embed certified chipsets into modules and devices.

The u‑blox UBX‑R5 is a 5G‑ready cellular chipset for low power wide area (LPWA) mission‑critical or long life‑cycle IoT applications such as smart metering, telematics, tracking, security systems, building automation, as well as smart lighting solutions and connected health. 

UBX-R5 is based on a service-on-chip architecture, which offers low-level insights and data points from deep within the hardware, such as event-based energy consumption monitoring and smart antenna tuning, among others. The chipset can be combined with any u-blox GNSS product.

The UBX-R5 chipset includes integrated RF, baseband, power management and RAM, and supports several power-saving functionalities, such as PSM and eDRX. Further, it supports enhanced LTE coverage via CE Mode A and B for LTE-M, and ECL1 and ECL2 for NB-IoT, achieving deeper penetration inside buildings and underground.

With mobile network operators announcing their plans to roll out 5G networks, 5G readiness is becoming a key factor in selecting cellular communication modules. LTE‑M and NB‑IoT are forward‑compatible with 5G networks, and, by implementing key LTE‑M and NB‑IoT features from 3GPP Release 14, UBX‑R5 offers customers a smooth transition towards 5G via software upgrades to already deployed devices. 

UBX‑R5 also offers unmatched built‑in end‑to‑end security thanks to a hardware‑based root of trust (RoT) integrated in a discrete secure element compliant with EAL5+ High common criteria certification, which makes it ideal to protect sensitive assets and communications.

“GCF’s IoT chipset certification initiative was launched earlier this year and we’re extremely pleased to have u‑blox achieve the first certification so soon for its UBX‑R5 Cat‑M1 chipset,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO at Global Certification Forum. “We anticipate that many more IoT chipsets will come through the programme this year, offering confidence and reliability for the IoT industry with industry‑recognised compliance to 3GPP standards.”

“We are delighted that GCF has recognized the quality of our UBX‑R5 LTE‑M/NB‑IoT chipset that sets a new benchmark for IoT connectivity, while paving the way for robust secure communication from the chip all the way to the cloud,” says Andreas Thiel, head of product centers at u‑blox.

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