New Siemon Z-PLUG offers high-performance plug-terminated links for connected buildings

Network infrastructure company Siemon announced its new Z-PLUG Category 6A Field Terminated Plug for reliable high-performance plug terminations in the field that enable custom-length direct connections to a variety of IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in intelligent buildings.

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), more devices than ever are communicating and receiving power via the network cabling infrastructure, including LED lights, wireless access points, security cameras, video displays, distributed antenna systems and building automation controls.

Rather than connecting to the network through outlets and patch cords, many of these devices can be connected using plug-terminated links for rapid, more efficient deployment.

Headquartered in Connecticut, with global sales, technical and logistics expertise across 100 countries, Siemon offers comprehensive suites of copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks, cable management, data center power and cooling systems and Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions.

With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and the development of Industry Standards, underlining the company’s long-standing commitment to its customers and the industry. Through an ongoing commitment to waste and energy reduction, Siemon’s environmental sustainability benchmarks are unparalleled in the industry, including 179 percent global carbon negativity and zero-landfill status.

Siemon’s Z-PLUG Field Terminated Plugs support 10 Gig system transmission performance for today’s high-speed applications and the latest Power over Ethernet applications, including advanced four-pair Type 3 (60W), Type 4 (90W) and Power over HDBaseT (POH).

Siemon’s Z-PLUG field terminated plugs exceed all Category 6A performance requirements and a single part number can be used to terminate shielded, unshielded, solid and stranded cables.

The Z-PLUG’s intuitive outlet-style termination process with user-friendly tool and hinged lacing module that eliminates the need to feed individual conductors through an opening result in best-in-class termination time and repeatable performance. It features a dual-purpose latch protector clip that protects the latch during routing and comes in nine different colors for easy color coding of various systems.

With a robust, low-profile design and the option to eliminate or shorten the boot, Z-PLUGs are also ideal for fitting into end devices with limited space such as cameras and access points.

“With Category 6A recommended for the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points, digital displays and higher levels of Power over Ethernet, combined with the efficiency of quickly plugging straight into a wide range of IP-based and PoE-enabled devices, Z-PLUG field terminated plugs are the ideal solution for today’s intelligent buildings,” says Mike Boisseau, copper systems business unit leader for Siemon.

Wired Communications Solutions used the new Z-PLUG Field Terminated Plugs for a recent deployment of more than 250 IP-based cameras and wireless access points for the world’s largest online retailer.

“Siemon’s new Category 6A Z-PLUG reduced labor time and provided a very robust high-quality connection to each device, significantly reducing errors and enabling a faster, smooth deployment,” says Jason Dilley, general manager for wired communications solutions.

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