New release of Vidsys Enterprise 2017 expands Internet of Things ecosystem

Vidsys released on Wednesday its latest Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform, Vidsys Enterprise 2017, with capabilities for large-scale, widely dispersed customers. This new software release includes advanced features and expandable infrastructure purposely built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and can support customers with regional, national, and global footprints where enhanced enterprise data visualization and business intelligence are critical features for real-time and historic reporting.

Vidsys CSIM software platform extends capabilities beyond physical security by capturing and correlating data from multiple IT-security systems and information management systems. Customers can leverage the CSIM platform to support smart city and IoT applications and a variety of use cases, including logistics management, manufacturing and supply-chain systems.

“The Vidsys Enterprise 2017 release represents a major milestone for the company as we continue to innovate and evolve our software beyond security to a virtualized services platform,” said James I. Chong, CEO of Vidsys. “Expanding IoT applications require enterprise organizations to manage data from a wide range of inputs. We are excited to continue our close partnership with our integrators and end-customers around the world who are extending our platform to deliver services of every kind, including Smart Security, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, and even Smart & Safe Cities.”

CSIM software is a force multiplier especially for organizations with a large physical footprint because the software geospatially aligns information and assets into a single user interface.  CSIM has five core areas of functionality: it collects, analyzes, verifies, resolves and tracks information. Its rules engine and work flow tools give management the ability to pre-determine what data should be correlated and what should be filtered out. CSIM software uses filtering rules based on time, location, duration, frequency and type.

The software is programmed to identify and present potential situations for evaluation by the command center operator. The organization’s approved con-ops are automatically provided on-screen to ensure compliance and swift resolution. So when a threat occurs it can be resolved accurately, efficiently and consistently.

CSIM provides the ability to manage situations in real-time. CSIM works especially well to enhance security for widely dispersed assets because it leverages a mobile application. First responders, supervisors, IT staff and senior executives with authorized credentials can access CSIM from anywhere via mobile device (tablet, cell phone) for enhanced situational awareness.

Last week, Vidsys signed a strategic collaboration and distribution agreement with S-1 Corp., an affiliate of Samsung Group, to launch its new Security Innovation Center (SIC) at its headquarters building in Seoul, Korea, leveraging the Vidsys CSIM Platform and Samsung’s security products along with other technologies.

A key goal of the partnership includes delivering a proven and scalable solution set that addresses unique vertical market requirements such as for airports, smart buildings, smart cities, and others enterprise applications with converged security and information management solutions.

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