New Razberi CameraDefense boosts cybersecurity protections for integrators and enterprises

Razberi Technologies has announced new cybersecurity software to help protect IP cameras and corporate networks from cyber attacks. Razberi CameraDefense provides automated camera hardening and will be embedded in all Razberi ServerSwitchIQ appliances.

Combined with Razberi’s secure appliance architecture and cyber threat monitoring, the software automates and scales industry best practice cyber protections.

Razberi CameraDefense software with automated camera hardening enables integrators and organizations to block unauthorized Internet of Things (IoT) devices, so as to bind cameras and other IoT security devices to the network, prevents unauthorized devices from using Ethernet ports. The software also restricts camera access to whitelisted IP addresses, blocks camera traffic to the public Internet, flags weak passwords; and protect from cyber attack to deny un-needed and potentially dangerous camera services with a next-generation firewall.

Deployed in a distributed appliance architecture and compatible with any network camera, the Razberi ServerSwitchIQ platform with CameraDefense enables integrators to isolate cameras with encryption-ready hardware and integrated virus and malware protection. In addition, the Razberi video surveillance solution provides ongoing health monitoring with proactive alerts to potential threats. Integrators can manage alerts via Razberi VyneWatch health monitoring, Milestone XProtect, and other certified VMS products. They can also offer monitoring services to their customers for recurring revenue opportunities.

Left unprotected, network cameras and network video recorders are vulnerable end points that hackers can use to breach corporate networks, launch attacks on the public Internet or disrupt the video surveillance system. Many organizations do not have the budget, time, and expertise required to properly harden all cameras and configure firewalls around camera networks. Also, most Windows-based video management software (VMS) systems do not perform well with traditional antivirus products.

“With CameraDefense integrated into our ServerSwitchIQ appliances, our video surveillance platform acts as a watchdog to protect the camera ecosystem with automated camera hardening, a secure appliance architecture, and real-time security alerts,” said Tom Galvin, Razberi CEO. “Our solution is easy and cost effective to deploy, enabling integrators to consistently implement best practices without requiring additional firewall products and special expertise.”

Razberi CameraDefense will be embedded in all new ServerSwitchIQ appliances. Existing systems can be upgraded. General availability will be in the second quarter of this year.

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