New PTC ThingWorx with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides field technicians with key information from IoT and MR sources

PTC announced on Tuesday a new connected field service solution that integrates the ThingWorx platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service enables field technicians and others to seamlessly connect to vital engineering data (such as bill of material (BOM) information), which can provide improved insights in an easy-to-understand way, thus enabling expedited service delivery.

ThingWorx is PTC’s Industrial Innovation Platform that integrates Microsoft Azure IoT capabilities. The new connector for Dynamics 365 provides companies additional ways to develop a connected service strategy that enables improved efficiency of service operations.

As a result, ThingWorx can now tap into key features of Dynamics 365 for Field Service to enable reduced downtime and resolution of service issues faster by allowing users to schedule the right resource with the right part and information to complete the job.

ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service also pairs PTC’s Vuforia Studio augmented reality platform with Microsoft HoloLens, providing a robust authoring tool that enables technicians to access powerful mixed reality (MR) experiences. For example, technicians on site will now be able to use HoloLens (or other industry devices) to visualize assembly and disassembly procedures.

A typical scenario may include a machine in a factory sends a sensor-initiated alert to ThingWorx through Azure IoT indicating that it’s about to fail; automated actions are generated when ThingWorx receives IoT alerts, collects and contextualizes the alert information, and pulls relevant and supporting data from myriad systems, such as PTC’s Windchill PLM solution; a comprehensive view of the situation is presented to the service manager using ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service, including IoT data and predictive failure information;

advanced scheduling capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Field Service are used to help the technician service manager assess and validate the situation and then schedule the right resource with the right skills; and

automated field service notifications are sent to the customer that there is an issue and that a technician is scheduled to fix the problem.

“IoT and mixed reality have changed how companies are building and servicing their products. With better insights into more engineering data, our customers can improve uptime and increase first-time fix rates,” said Iain Michel, general manager, ThingWorx, PTC. “Our collaboration with Microsoft enables our customers to bring together information from the major product lifecycle functions, including design, manufacturing, operations, and service for the purpose of ensuring the highest quality service response.”

“When servicing a product, ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service enables a technician to easily access detailed information from a customer’s engineering data systems (like PLM) about the affected equipment’s bill of materials (BOM) so that they have a quick understanding of what parts are needed for their service visit,” said Sona Venkat, general manager, Intelligent SaaS, Microsoft Corp. “This BOM information is critical to ensuring that issues are addressed faster and field technician visits are more efficient.”

ThingWorx with Dynamics 365 Field Service is available now on Microsoft AppSource.


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