New HPE ProLiant DL380 takes virtualization to mid-sized, remote offices

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced HPE ProLiant DL380 to allow mid-sized and remote office enterprises to deploy, manage and support virtual machines.

The all-in-one compute, software-defined storage and virtualization appliance is built on HPE’s new Hyper Converged 380 (HC 380) that boosts organizations to transform to a hybrid infrastructure, while simplifying IT operations and reducing overall costs.

With the HPE Hyper Converged 380 user experience, enterprises can self-install this pre-integrated appliance in eight simple clicks. In addition to eliminating costly onsite set-up services, a new intuitive UX integrates multiple tools and automates complex tasks, enabling response to business needs faster by creating new virtual machines in five clicks while adding server, storage, and VM capacity in 15 minutes. Users can deploy, manage, and maintain system with only one generalist, update firmware and drivers in just a few clicks, simplifies lifecycle management while increasing productivity and flexibility, and managing VM sprawl and VM overprovisioning.

The HPE Hyper Converged 380 simplifies IT operations by integrating data fabric with mobility HPE StoreVirtual VSA is software-defined storage technology that helps achieve flexible scale, data mobility, and enterprise resiliency—without adding costs and complexity.

The offering allows uers to begin small with a two-node hyper-converged appliance that can scale up to 16 nodes. Its lower cost comes with a two-node system; pay-as-you-grow with all-inclusive licensing; and 2- to 16-node choice provides lower capital expenditures (CAPEX) and more flexibility.

The current hyper-converged integrated systems market will grow from US$371.5 million in 2014, to nearly $5 billion by 2019, or a 68 percent CAGR, according to Gartner’s Forecast Analysis. Growth is driven by demand for a more cost effective and operationally streamlined approach to virtual servers, virtual desktops, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. However, customers are wary of introducing new silos that limit future business flexibility.

“Hyper-convergence presents a huge opportunity for mid-sized and ROBO enterprises who face the unique challenge of having to stay competitive at enterprise-scale, but with notably less resources,” said Ric Lewis, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Datacenter Infrastructure, HPE. “HPE is the only vendor that can offer them the ability to take advantage of the benefits of hyper-converged environments today and provide them with a clear pathway to a composable infrastructure future when they are ready.”

The HPE HC 380 intuitive User Experience (UX) management software offers a simple, user experience that is easy to manage on a desktop or mobile device. Self-install is fast and easy, from power on to “ready” in minutes which empowers users to spend more time innovating. Only five clicks are needed to deploy VMs and 15 minutes to add capacity with customizable, repeated templates for VM provisioning. The mobile-ready UX lets IT managers provision, decommission and then re-commission VMs in seconds from their mobile phone. It also comes with built in analytics and tools enables IT to reduce VM sprawl and over-provisioning of VMs by 90 percent.

Set to be available at the end of this month, the HC 380 gives customers flexible options to find the right-size appliance for their budget. Offering a two-node hyper-converged appliance, HPE enables customers to grow and affordably scale-out to up to 16 nodes.

HPE offers customers several IT investment options to take advantage of a hyper-converged infrastructure and pay-as-you-grow. HPE Flexible Capacity is a full-service solution which includes IT and support, with variable monthly payment aligned to usage. HPE Pre-Provisioning delivers quick access to pre-configured hardware in advance of need, and a per virtual machine payment model.With HPE StoreVirtual VSA technology, customers can reduce disaster recovery costs by 62 percent.HPE also provides a single point of contact with system assurance and worldwide support for both HPE hardware, software and private cloud, as well as VMware environments. HPE’s senior experts are available to provide rapid response and 24/7 operations to help customers adopt and deliver the benefits of the HC 380.

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