New Haxiot X-ON platform for IoT delivers seamless device-to-cloud LoRaWAN solution, with fully-managed enterprise-grade security

Haxiot announced on Wednesday release of the Haxiot X-ON network and application IoT platform. The  X-ON platform provides a complete device-to-cloud solution, enabling IoT device manufacturers and Enterprise users to connect devices to IoT networks in as little as two weeks, with fully-managed enterprise-grade security.

One of the most significant advances of the X-ON platform lies in its edge computing capabilities. Haxiot implements LoRaWAN-based technology “at the edge” to move data analytics capabilities from the cloud to the connected devices. Its hybrid cloud-edge applications for real-time and trend based analytics makes it an ideal solution for the Industrial IoT industry. Its software provides support for IoT hardware providers including Dell, Cisco and MultiTech.

Haxiot’s LoRaWAN-based solution is ideal suited for enterprise users in need of IoT solutions that can cover large numbers of devices in areas with low power consumption and low cost. It reduces TCO through both technology and business model innovations compared to mesh or short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Zigbee. Common use cases include smart lighting, industrial edge computing, asset tracking and smart metering.

The X-ON platform supports multiple LPWA technologies, starting with LoRaWAN, the fastest growing global IoT standards-based networking, backed by a strong member ecosystem. It comes with comprehensive device control and provisioning from the X-ON Cloud, enabling users to listen to data coming from their devices, as well as identifying and controlling them with minimum efforts using the “Command & Control” feature.

Imaatech, a technology and engineering firm with focus on specialized Embedded Systems, is working with Haxiot to bring the power of the X-ON platform to its electric bicycle solutions.

“Haxiot has enabled us to deploy a new Low Power Wide Area solution seamlessly and incredibly fast,” says Rafael Garayoa, CEO of Imaatech. “By reducing operating costs, power consumption and upfront investment, we were able to enhance our current cellular solution with a direct benefit to our customers”

The platform also transforms data between different IoT frameworks in real time, making integration with new or legacy application systems seamless. Haxiot’s IoT Application Enablement Platform offers rich built-in data analytics capabilities to help customers uncover insights that drive ROI.

“As an end to end LoRaWAN solution provider, our mission is to offer the easiest and fastest way to deploy and operate IoT solutions at scale for our enterprise and IoT manufacturing customers,” says Nik Kitson, CEO of Haxiot. “Until now, companies had to work with multiple vendors and go through complex and lengthy integrations just to implement a simple demo. We believe our platform will change that by providing all the tools & features to enable customers to build an IoT solution in weeks, not months.”

In addition to the Haxiot X-ON Cloud, the company has launched a range of zero-touch LoRaWAN products for global regional support such as the HXC series ultra low power client module and embedded gateway modules. All products will be available in 900MHz for US, Canada and Latin America customers in the fourth quarter of this year.


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