New Harman IoT Gateway delivers key offering for transforming the connected world

Harman launched Thursday its IoT Gateway, an end-to-end solution with modular software architecture and hardware flexibility that integrates protocols, manages storage and analytics and facilitates data flow securely between edge devices and the cloud.

The Harman IoT Gateway helps bridge a legacy environment with next-generation devices in the Internet of Things space. The Gateway equips enterprises with connected sensors and beacons that collect data from door contact, motion, temperature, air quality, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The solution also gathers streaming data, correlates with Office 365 calendars and provides heat maps on floor plans that analyze real-time utilization.

The product will be available globally starting Mar. 1, this year

The IoT Gateway is designed for use by enterprises in several sectors including building management, transportation, manufacturing, energy, retail and healthcare. The analytics generated from the use of the gateway will help enterprises gain a competitive advantage by enhancing their decision-making capabilities.

As an expansion to Harman’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution portfolio, Harman has created a product to provide the market with a managed services solution that delivers improved asset utilization, reduced operational expenses, just-in-time inventory management, elevated customer experiences and more, allowing companies to gain new business and market insights.

The solution includes interoperable capability with any hardware or cloud platform; local and remote diagnostic support; pre-integrated application bundles for verticals; turnkey delivery models for faster time to market; and solution accelerators and global partnership network.

“Many companies understand the true potential of IoT platforms, but they lack the right solution to integrate into their overall business strategy,” said Sanjay Dhawan, president, HARMAN Connected Services. “Based on the IoT deployments that HARMAN Connected Services has managed for forward-thinking enterprises, we saw the need for an IoT Gateway that offers a superior level of device interoperability, security and analytics for our customers to gain competitive business advantages.”

“For IoT deployments to be successful, products and solutions from partnering technology manufacturers need to easily integrate. The introduction of the new HARMAN IoT Gateway and its integration with our horizontal oneM2M standards-based IoT platform will enable the delivery of innovative smart building and smart city solutions and IoT applications and services across all industries,” said Jim Nolan, executive vice president, IoT Solutions, Interdigital.

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