New Gemalto Instant Connect enables mobile connectivity for consumer eSIM-equipped devices

Thales launched this week Gemalto Instant Connect, its connectivity solution that simplifies connection of eSIM-enabled devices on a mobile network. While users are spared the inconvenience of establishing a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to kick-start their mobile experience, OEMs and mobile operators can now provision devices with mobile connectivity at their first use, and not during manufacturing, saving both time and cost.

Connected PCs and laptops will be the first devices to integrate this faster and more efficient approach to out-of-the-box connectivity for eSIMs. Going forwards, a wide array of OEMs and mobile operators stand to benefit from the solution, which is fully compliant with the latest GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specifications. Between 2018 and 2022, an estimated 2.3 billion eSIM-compliant consumer devices will be shipped worldwide.

To date, eSIM-equipped devices have had to rely on some form of primary connectivity before they are able to activate a full mobile subscription, either via a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other temporary connections. These solutions were naturally inconvenient for either customers or manufacturers.

In contrast, Gemalto Instant Connect leverages a revolutionary connectivity mechanism which allows mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide a mobile subscription to any genuinely offline eSIM-enabled device.

 Users can now activate their device in the same way as they are used to with conventional smartphone SIM cards. OEMs can in turn simplify their supply chain and shorten production time. This solution is compliant with existing remote eSIM management solutions, such as Subscription Management Discovery Service.

OEMs can now provide mobile connectivity to new devices at first power-on while avoiding to preload mobile connectivity subscription bootstrap during the manufacturing process. It allows to simplify supply chains, shorten production time, improve time-to-market delivery lead times and save costs. OEMs can now make available in-built mobile connectivity to any device, easily and faster, providing their final end-users with a seamless user experience for accessing the Internet wherever they are.

Mobile operators can now fully control the delivery of their connectivity data plan to their eSIM-ready device users, increasing customer stickiness/loyalty. It greatly simplifies the activation of mobile subscriptions onto eSIM-compliant devices of their users. It also facilitates the pervasiveness of cellular technology into existing non-connected devices such as smartwatches, wristbands and PCs, and new categories of devices such as pet trackers and coffee machines, thus increasing the number of mobile connections per user.

It introduces a new way for mobile networks operators (MNOs) to activate the eSIM connectivity without WiFi/Bluetooth and without assigning the network resources ahead of time, these are only assigned when they are really needed. It prevents MNOs from preloading profiles in devices with low activation rates.

End-users can enjoy true out-of-the-box user experience when activating their eSIM subscription on their new eSIM-compliant devices. This solution simplifies eSIM subscription activation as it avoids looking for a WiFi hotspot and set up the WiFi connection configuration in the device settings before activating a cellular subscription, and saves them time and hassle by avoiding to use smartphone tethering.

“Qualcomm is excited to see the Gemalto Instant Connect solution eSIM and its potential to simplify eSIM sourcing for OEMs and the ability to quickly connect Snapdragon powered Always connected PCs and other devices for consumers and enterprise,” said Miguel Nunes, senior director product management at Qualcomm Technologies.

“PCs with LTE connectivity improve a user’s experience by giving them productivity wherever they are, and we have a longstanding relationship with Thales to help realize this goal. Extending this collaboration will enable easy integration of truly instantaneous mobile connectivity into all Windows PCs,” said Shai Guday, Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft. “We look forward to the first wave of devices incorporating Instant Connect technology accelerating this exciting transformation.” 

“We’re excited to be supporting the innovation behind the Gemalto Instant Connect solution today, as we’ve been a front-runner in the industry for nearly four years already, offering eSIM based secure cellular connectivity for laptops and tablets worldwide,” said Jacques Bonifay, CEO, Transatel a member company of NTT group. “Consumers will discover Ubigi, their personal instant-on connectivity service, brought to them by Transatel!” 

“By sparing OEMs and operators the need to pre-load a bootstrap, and users the hassle of having Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection when they first turn on their new device, Gemalto Instant Connect sweeps aside the final obstacles to seamless mobile subscription activation via an eSIM,” said Emmanuel Unguran, EVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Thales. “As a result, it is even easier to seed consumer markets with devices characterized by their effortless mobile connectivity.” 

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