New EyeLock iris recognition technology can authenticate identities at 60 cm distances using glasses, contacts, daylight

EyeLock announced Monday new technology that authenticates identities at distances of 60 cm, with glasses, contact lenses and daylight. The technology is architected for implementation across smartphones and mobile devices, as well as automotive, healthcare and other edge-of-network applications.

EyeLock’s technology assimilate the company’s proprietary software, security, algorithms and optics, and delivers secure, reliable and user-friendly capabilities.

EyeLock uses its advanced iris authentication for the Internet of Things (IoT), providing the highest level of security with EyeLock ID technology. Iris authentication is highly secure because no two irises are alike and the iris is the most accurate human identifier other than DNA. The company’s significant IP portfolio, including more than 75 patents and patents pending, and proprietary technology enables secure authentication of individuals across physical and logical environments.

Its solutions have been integrated and embedded across consumer and enterprise products and platforms, eliminating the need for PINs and passwords. A biometric company, EyeLock owns and controls the entire software and algorithm stack, providing dual-eye authentication, an unmatched security architecture and anti-spoofing technology.

With the rapid proliferation of biometric modalities across IoT devices, EyeLock’s new technology addresses the growing demand for increased security protocols for devices and the use case applications that powers the world. The technology benefits OEM licensees and the market-at-large, including financial services, healthcare, automotive, enterprise and government sectors, by delivering a solution to mitigate security threats while providing consumers a more convenient way to transact.

“EyeLock’s new technology is a significant scientific breakthrough in iris recognition and will be leveraged as a utility across edge-of-network devices,” said Jim Demitrieus, chief executive officer of EyeLock.  “Our new technology has now surpassed all other iris recognition solutions and solves the usability and security impediments that have long been an obstacle for mass-market adoption. EyeLock offers the only iris recognition technology today that works at a distance of 60 cm, with glasses, contacts and daylight, all without compromising security or ease of use,” he said.

In May, EyeLock opened an IoT Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas to strengthen and expand the development of embedded iris biometric applications. Its platform uses video technology to deliver a fast and friendly user experience to identify the more than 240 points of unique characteristics in each human iris.

EyeLock’s technology is now available in miniaturized modules, making it cost effective with unparalleled ease of use that creates vast opportunities for ’embedding’ into multiple market segments, including smart mobile in smartphones and wearable electronics; computation located inside laptops, desktops, all in one computers, tablets, and desktop accessories; automotive for identifying supporting connected car elements of driver safety, well-being and vehicle management; and health and medical to monitor nurse stations, narcotics cabinets, and OR/ER instrumentation.

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