Senet, New Boundary Technologies collaborate to offer rapid time to market for IoT applications

Senet, vendor of global connectivity and network management for the Internet of Things, and New Boundary Technologies, an IoT application service provider, announced Thursday a partnership to integrate New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware enterprise IoT application service with Senet’s standards-based IoT network.

Senet’s public, standards-based and highly secure LPWAN currently offers coverage in a total of 225 cities and 23 states across the United States, and has the ability to support millions of devices across hundreds of industries. Senet also recently announced its Managed Network Services for IoT (MNSI), which enables network providers to deploy LoRaWAN IoT services on their physical assets, supervise the network infrastructure, manage connectivity and control roles and access rights within a reliable and scalable solution.

The RemoteAware IoT application service provides private-label branded IoT applications for equipment OEMs, distributors, system integrators and solution providers. A set of out-of-the-box capabilities deliver ready-made applications for a broad range of sensors and equipment, eliminating the need for software developers to build applications.

Through a pre-built connector, applications built with RemoteAware can easily connect to Senet’s LoRaWAN, providing seamless access to the fastest growing Low-Power Wide-Area IoT Network built for global scale.

“Removing the complexities that slow the development of IoT applications and deploying connected devices at scale is of primary importance to our organization,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO & President at Senet. “Having simplified network connectivity, device provisioning and management and application integration, our customers can rapidly scale from initial deployments to millions of connected devices, building a competitive advantage that is not available with any other LPWAN technology.”

“Providing customers with robust and secure end-to-end IoT applications can be a challenge for sensor and equipment manufacturers, distributors and solution providers,” said Kim Pearson, CEO of New Boundary Technologies. “By combining Senet’s IoT connectivity services with New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware Application Service, new applications can be brought to market at very low cost and with unprecedented speed.”

Last month, Senet announced that it is supporting the LoRaWAN protocol and TEKTELIC Communications, a provider of industrial grade LoRaWAN IoT gateways, sensors and applications, announced that TEKTELIC’s Kona Macro IOT Gateway is now fully interoperable with Senet’s IoT network.

Gateways deployed on the Senet network are qualified to meet a range of application, geographical, and end device density coverage requirements.  TEKTELIC supports these requirements with its advanced 72 channel Kona Macro LoRaWAN gateway for the North American ISM band, delivering rapid deployment capabilities, day-one scalability, and carrier grade resiliency.

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