New Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript delivers improved security for mobile, IoT and web

Arxan Technologies announced on Monday Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript, a new offering that provides protection for JavaScript-based applications, including hybrid iOS and Android apps, in addition to web apps. The comprehensive and differentiated solution is designed to prevent brand damage, financial loss, IP theft and compliance risk.

Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript is compatible with ES5 and ES6; with Cordova/Phonegap and Node.js support. Its interactive protection design comes with guidance; easy to use, fully tunable and customizable protection design; effortless generation of unique protections; API to integrate seamlessly into build automation; and comprehensive security, including integrity and anti-tamper capabilities.

Arxan’s patented solutions protect mission-critical apps, software development kits and APIs across a wide-range of verticals, including financial services, connected medical devices (healthcare IoT), digital media and gaming. Arxan enables companies to meet regulatory security requirements and protects against brand damage and financial loss.

Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript is also ideal for Arxan’s Mobile Application Management product that the company obtained through its recent acquisition of Apperian, which was intended to establish Arxan as a key provider of application security and management for mobile and IoT applications.

The new product can be used for enterprise mobile apps built using JavaScript-based development tools leveraging the Apperian Mobile App Management & Security Platform. This makes Arxan the only company to manage and secure all enterprise apps, including consumer-facing, employee and partner apps.

JavaScript is a dynamic language that allows one to add/inject code to intercept the execution of genuine application at runtime and modify it for nefarious activities. Payment forms used on both web and mobile, in the form of e-commerce APIs, are vulnerable to reverse engineering & tampering attacks and may be used as attack gateway to expose applications and data on back-end.

In addition to hybrid apps, JavaScript running in various other environments including IoT applications, and servers, is extremely vulnerable and low hanging fruit for hackers.

“JavaScript provides a host of benefits when developing applications, but inherently comes with significant security issues that expose a company to risks that will damage their brand and credibility,” said Rusty Carter, VP of Product Management at Arxan Technologies. “We have developed a solution that empowers our customers to take advantage of JavaScript without sacrificing security, making their applications self-protecting and resilient against reverse-engineering and code tampering, while also protecting cryptographic keys, sensitive data and communication with server APIs. These new capabilities will protect businesses from breaches and disclosures, impersonation, cheating, exploitation and theft of intellectual property and digital assets.”

“IBM’s enterprise customers have been using our end-to-end application security solutions, including Arxan’s mobile and IoT application products,” said Larry Gerard, Director of Application Security at IBM. “This new product for JavaScript protection will further strengthen our combined solution to help our customers gain a stronger security posture.”

“JavaScript and HTML5 have become truly pervasive and are now a critical part of mobile, web and even server side and embedded applications deployed in source form, yet they are highly vulnerable to attacks,” said Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan Technologies. “Our new product will enable enterprises to protect their applications and services containing JavaScript code, allowing apps to run safely anywhere, inside and outside of a firewall. The addition strengthens our product suite, which is already the gold standard for protecting binary code, cryptographic keys and data for mobile, IoT and other applications.”

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