Netscout announces InfiniStreamNG, its real-time information platform for service assurance, cybersecurity, big data

Netscout released this week its next-generation, real-time information platform called the InfiniStreamNG that delivers high scalability and flexibility in multiple form factors and deployment options: virtual, software and hardware appliances.  Both enterprise and service provider customers can leverage InfiniStreamNG in data center, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, providing seamless, end-to-end visibility, which can dramatically accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

The InfiniStreamNG was designed with a revolutionary new architecture that “mines” IP traffic intelligence in real time, to deliver timely, accurate and actionable information to service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence applications on a single platform. This new, open architecture leverages an advanced and extended version of Netscout’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, now termed ASI Plus, to seamlessly incorporate technologies from the Danaher Communications acquisition, and facilitate support for a variety of analytic software from Netscout, from strategic partners and from other third parties, leading InfiniStreamNG to serve as “industry’s most versatile real-time metadata technology.”

The platform enables Netscout to elevate its value proposition and expand its total addressable market (TAM). With the InfiniStreamNG, customers can leverage their investment in Netscout solutions, traditionally made by network operations teams, to encompass all aspects of IT and security operations across the enterprise, public sector, and service provider markets.

The platform supports a broad, multi-dimensional initiative that Netscout announced last year called “Guardians of the Connected World,” as part of its commitment to helping businesses evolve and unlock opportunities to innovate by delivering virtually constant and ubiquitous visibility in the connected world. This also showcases proof point of the combined assets and technologies enabled by Netscout’s acquisition of Danaher Corporation’s Communications Business in mid-July 2015 that included Tektronix Communications, Arbor Networks and the enterprise portions of Fluke Networks.

With the range of analytics supported by the InfiniStreamNG, customers can leverage this single platform to help them consolidate a myriad of specialized analytics and tools, each of which have relied on separate, dedicated platforms across their technology infrastructures.

The first major phase of new analytic solutions supported by the InfiniStreamNG platform is scheduled for release through the rest of this calendar year. The InfiniStreamNG has been shipping to a number of service provider customers for several quarters and will be available to all customers this month.

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