NCP engineering debuts virtual secure enterprise VPN server for industrial IoT environments

NCP engineering released on Tuesday the Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server offering full compatibility with virtualization platforms for enterprises, service and SaaS providers. As a virtual VPN gateway appliance, the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server integrates mobile and stationary employees in a cross-company data network.

The VPN appliance is also pre-destinated for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects. Special features of the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server include a sophisticated multi-client capability, NCP’s patented VPN Path Finder Technology, an easy update mechanism, and high availability.

NCP’s Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server licensing model is subscription-based and consists of the VPN gateway, high availability services, and a hardened operation system. It is designed to meet the needs of businesses or service providers looking for a virtualized and resource-efficient alternative to traditional solutions.

The multi-client capability of the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server allows service providers to combine several companies on one VPN gateway simultaneously with resource sharing. With convenient access management, the NCP VPN clients can be managed by administrators of the connected companies. The number of remote users and VPN tunnels can also be scaled as needed.

Additional security features of the NCP Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server include the support of one-time password (OTP) solutions and certificates in a public key infrastructure (PKI). The validity of certificates is checked each time a connection is established by means of blacklists offline or online to the Certification Authority (CA).

“As a virtual VPN appliance, our new Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server is scalable, easy to install, and simple to configure,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “Another big advantage of this virtual appliance is that all security patches are provided exclusively by NCP and, therefore, the responsible administrator does not need any prior special knowledge to update the operating system.”

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