Nanoheal, ReadyNet join to automate diagnostics and corrective action for Wi-Fi, digital devices in home and small business

Nanoheal, a workspace automation platform provider, announced Thursday that it has formed a partnership with router technologies provider, ReadyNet Solutions, to deliver automated diagnostics and corrective action for Wi-Fi and digital devices in residential and small business markets. The automated remediation solution, for ISPs, WISPs, and MSPs, identifies common Wi-Fi network-related issues and can fix issues using agent assisted “one-click fixes” or its own self-healing automations.

Based in Orem, Utah, Nanoheal’s workspace automation platform simplifies technology ownership at work and home. The platform includes user self-help, device self-healing, and agent assisted monitoring and automated support technology. Nanoheal’s advanced automation features help tech support providers to reduce help desk time and deliver a superior user experience in the workplace and at home.

The combined Nanoheal / ReadyNet offering will allow service providers to identify networked devices, including IoT devices, and can perform most common diagnostic and corrective actions, including remotely power cycle routers, run internet speed checks, provide spectrum analysis, check device-specific signal strength, and enable bandwidth distribution, among other resolutions and hot fixes.

In addition, the new offering creates a pathway to automate additional network controls including parental and screen-time controls, and network and IoT security audits.

ReadyNet routers, combined with Nanoheal’s automations, provide a platform for service providers to provide enhanced network support, inside the home or business, and support the new wave of networked Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart TVs, lighting, cameras, and more.

“ReadyNet’s focus on ISPs, WISPs, and telecommunication companies opens new channels for Nanoheal’s workspace automation technology platform,” said Nanoheal CEO Sridhar Santhanam. “While today’s partnership announcement introduces router-specific automations, the underlying technology will allow services providers to more effectively support the new wave of IoT devices, lower support costs, and greatly improve customer experience.”


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