MWC 2019: NanoLock and Micron align to showcase flash-to-cloud management for IoT security environments

NanoLock Security and Micron Technology announced Wednesday that the companies will be demonstrating a flash-to-cloud management solution for security in Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices. The combined solution provides operators, cloud companies and enterprises a market-ready platform for trusted management, including services like secure updates and protection of IoT devices across device architectures with the new Authenta Technology in standard flash memory.

The complementary NanoLock and Micron Authenta technologies enhance the protection of a wide range of IoT products and cloud management of those devices. The solutions enable strong flash-to-cloud integrity and protection from the production line to field deployment, and after the device’s end of life, while consuming virtually zero computing and power resources.

Micron’s Authenta technology adds secure element features directly to flash memory to strengthen system-level security directly on the component that gives billions of IoT devices their identity.

By combining device-specific identity that only a hardware root of trust can provide, and measurement capability necessary for in-memory secure boot, Authenta technology provides capabilities necessary to authenticate IoT devices directly with a host—whether in the cloud, at the edge, or on the device. Authenta technology protects the integrity of the IoT device by monitoring and safeguarding the software that runs on the device.

The combined solution creates a new value proposition in the IoT domain, as it not only provides robust device protection, but also trusted management of IoT devices. The offering can be used by service providers, like operators and cloud companies, as a new revenue engine for IoT business units.

NanoLock Security’s platform is used by operators, industrial companies and automotive customers globally and is becoming a significant part of the emerging IoT security and management revolution.

The combination of the NanoLock and Micron Authenta solution emphasizes the universal need for trusted management with enhanced security in IoT devices,” said Yoni Kahana, vice president of customers for NanoLock. “A secure channel between end devices and the cloud, and the ability to seamlessly manage that channel simplifies IoT deployments and simultaneously provides a revenue stream for customers.”

NanoLock will showcase and demonstrate its cloud management platform for IoT device solutions with Micron at Mobile World Congress 2019. This is an opportunity for operators, cloud companies, enterprises, automotive OEMs and industrial companies to meet with NanoLock and Micron experts to learn about the flash-to-cloud management solution.


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