Microsoft launches IoT & AI Insider Labs to fuel digital transformation across industries

Microsoft has been at the forefront of IoT and Advanced Analytics (AA) since their inception, and its new IoT & AI Insider Labs will become the focal point for customers to embrace these trends, and work hand-in-hand with experts to take their products from proof-of-concept to commercial deployment.
The Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs bring together developers with Microsoft and industry experts to tap into the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and fuel the digital transformation taking place across industries — from energy to retail to robotics.

The labs are located in Redmond USA, at the heart of Microsoft’s product group expertise; Shenzhen China, near a hub of manufacturing partners and solutions and Munich Germany, a hub for European partners.
Each of the labs is hosted by resident experts who will help participants clean up hardware design, debug drivers, work on supporting applications, and demonstrate how to connect devices at scale. They can also help users understand Microsoft’s array of IoT, AI, and AA solutions capabilities, and how they can work with existing technology to develop insights from data, and turn insights into action.

The labs will also help manufacture small-scale hardware runs for devices designed and built by participating organizations. Microsoft will assist in clean up of the hardware design, help to manufacture small scale hardware runs, debug drivers, aid with developing supporting applications, and show how to connect devices at scale to the cloud. Microsoft will also assist users to make sense of machine learning to develop insights from data and help with anomaly detection.

In the Marie Curie room, named after the Nobel Laureate in physics, developers can build circuit boards from a range of machine tools, 3-D printers and other supplies.

In the nearby Ada Lovelace room, named after the 19th century mathematician who wrote the first computing algorithm, coding and testing take center stage.

Tools and expertise are on hand to help participants understand how their devices and software will perform in the real world — and correct potentially costly design flaws.

Work comes to fruition in the Mae Jemison room, where physical machines and code merge with analytics tools to help customers understand how to work with the data their solutions create, to glean insights and propel their organizational goals.

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