Micron Authenta Key Management Service platform now available for IoT edge devices

Micron Technology introduced Thursday its silicon-based security-as-a-service platform for protecting internet of things (IoT) edge devices. The Micron Authenta Key Management Service (KMS) platform enables a cloud-first deployment model for a broad set of industrial and automotive applications.

It allows installed Authenta-enabled devices to be switched on through a cloud-based service, mitigating some of the biggest challenges and complexities related to securing devices in an “everything connected” environment.

Micron Authenta Key Management Service guards IoT devices through cloud-based activation of secure element-like functionality integrated into NOR and NAND flash. The hardware-based security solution provides robust protection of device functionality at the silicon level, regardless of the choice of SoC hardware implementations.

The number of connected IoT devices deployed across markets such as automotive, enterprise, industrial control and connected home is expected to grow from 23 billion in 2019 to 30 billion by 2020. Securing these diverse devices remains a concern for system OEMs who want a simple solution that is cost-effective and independent of their choice of system-on-a-chip (SoC) hardware. Authenta KMS, along with its hardware root of trust embedded in NAND and NOR flash devices, equips OEMs to safeguard device functionality at the silicon level.

Current methods adopted by the industry for protecting connected devices have their limitations and typically center on one of three common practices: adding secure elements, which is costly and difficult to scale; leveraging secure key injection in the SoC, which creates a fragmented architecture; or simply doing nothing, which puts devices below market and compliance standards.

Micron developed the Authenta Security-as-a-Service platform as a cost effective, scalable and business appropriate way to employ security across a diverse set of systems with fragmented supply-chains and ecosystems. Authenta platform is a combination of the Authenta enabled flash, which has integration of secure element function in the flash with provisioned identities, and a Authenta Key Management Service. This provides a simple activation and ownership change service for a wide-range of IoT security services and device management services. 

The combination of these two capabilities along with the commitment of a market leader to drive the solution to the market creates a very attractive proposition for customers in securing their products in and everything connected world.

Micron’s Authenta KMS complements existing efforts to protect IoT networks through secure element functions in Authenta-enabled standard flash devices. Authenta KMS security-as-a-service platform allows installed secure flash devices to be activated and managed at the edge through a cloud-based service. This capability enables platform-hardening and device protection through the entire lifecycle, extending from the manufacturing supply chain to in-field installation and management.

“Securing a diverse set of IoT edge devices through the complete product lifecycle — from the supply chain to in-field management — requires a novel, simple, scalable and cost-effective approach,” said Amit Gattani, senior director of embedded segment marketing for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit. “Authenta KMS provides a trusted and unique silicon-to-cloud service for all ‘connected things’ using Authenta-enabled flash devices.”

“The electronics industry needs to mitigate the growing security concerns from today’s fragmented and vulnerable IoT supply chain,” said Tom Katsioulas, board member of the GSA Trusted Supply Chain working group and head of TrustChain operations at Mentor, a Siemens business. “We are pleased to see Micron’s introduction of Authenta Key Management Service, which promises to provide a strong foundation of early provenance and traceability in the supply chain and in the enablement of trusted device services.”

Authenta KMS and applicable software development kits are currently available to customers.

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