Machfu releases integrated device management with its industrial internet of things platform and gateway

Machfu, an industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company, announced Monday integration of its device and application management platform with Telit’s deviceWISE IoT platform. This enables companies in energy, water, oil and gas as well as other industrial segments to manage at large scale existing infrastructure connectivity to cloud based IoT and existing SCADA systems.

The integration will simplify the connection and management of devices as well as continue to provide a secure and customizable application framework to process and manage data at the network edge.

Machfu Gateway integration with Telit deviceWISE provides customers with a powerful ability to efficiently use their cellular plan without sacrificing any operational requirement keeping their cellular costs to a minimum. The cost savings will enable customers to accelerate the implementation of their infrastructure to IoT based systems.

Machfu simplifies complex landscape of IIoT by connecting data at the edge to IoT databases in the cloud for business analytics. Machfu grew out of a simple idea: that developing and maintaining applications in the industrial IoT world should be as easy as it is in the desktop world or the smartphone world. Machfu products bring edge to enterprise connectivity to existing industrial infrastructure that can be deployed and scaled quickly.

“Working together, the two companies will help industrial customers minimize the cost, risk, complexity and lead times of deploying industrial automation and field service operations solution,” said John Geiger, vice president for business development at Machfu. This is the latest example of Machfu’s leadership in rapidly integrating with the emerging IoT ecosystem.”

“The combination of Machfu’s Gateway edge platform with Telit’s cellular IoT modules and deviceWISE to manage devices and connectivity offers industrial businesses new options for leveraging existing backend OT platforms with new standards based IoT cloud platforms,” said Dennis Kelly, senior vice president of sales Americas at Telit. “Working together Machfu and Telit are able to connect, manage, and aggregate processes associate with industrial automation from edge to enterprise.”


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