M2COMM launches LPWAN wireless SOC, modules ‘Uplynx’ for Sigfox global IoT network

Internet of Things (IoT) provider M2Communication (M2COMM) debuted Thursday its IoT SoC Uplynx that simplifies development of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT applications. Uplynx RCZ1 and RCZ2/4 modem modules and reference designs have also reached the final stage of Sigfox certification.

RCZ1 covers Europe, RCZ2 covers North America, RCZ4 covers Latin America and Asia including Australia. UplynxRCZ1 and RCZ2/4 modules are designed to produce cost-effective and low-power devices for SIGFOX’s global IoT network. With a highly efficient on-chip CMOS Power Amplifier, Uplynx delivers 22dBm at about 60 percent of the typical current consumption of existing solutions.

Founded in 2012 by members with expertise in RF chipset design, M2COMM delivers a turnkey solution for ultra-low-power and large-network such as Electronic Shelf Labels. It is aiming to provide best fitting products to the IoT applications through continued innovation and technology advancements.

Uplynx is manufactured by TSMC with its state-of-the-art process. Uplynx is small at 7×7 mm, and integrates a 32-bit MCU with 128kB of flash and 16kB of RAM, packed with features including built-in multi-channel ADC, analogue comparators, oscillators and GPIOs. Combining a fully-integrated multi-RCZ Sigfox protocol stack and a rich AT command interface with built-in ID and security key, Uplynx epitomizes all the characters and is a uniquely differentiated solution for Sigfox.

“M2COMM aims to offer innovative solutions to reshape the Internet of Things, and Uplynx is the result of a joint collaboration between M2COMM, SIGFOX and TSMC;” said Dr. Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM. “With Uplynx, we are committed to provide IoT device makers with a way to shorten their design cycles and launch various IoT solutions at an affordable price.”

“The Uplynx SoC, provides a compelling cost/performance value proposition,” said Tony Francesca, vice president of global ecosystems at Sigfox. “We are pleased to invite M2COMM to join CTIA and the upcoming SIGFOX Chicago Coverage Celebration, as the Uplynx RCZ2/4 module and reference design will enrich the SIGFOX ecosystem for the North American market.”

Winpharma, provider of pharmacy management software, partnered in March with M2COMM, to deliver electronic shelf label solution for modern retailers. ELSA is the result of a collaborative effort between Winpharma and M2COMM. This electronic shelf label has been designed in order to meet the requirements of the connected pharmacies: sleek design, functionalities, and user friendliness.

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