LG Innotek, Daintree Networks offer embedded control for LED luminaires

Open networked wireless control, sensing and enterprise IoT vendor, Daintree Networks, has joined with LG Innotek, a global materials and components manufacturer, to enhance their existing alliance and enable out-of-the-box wirelessly- connected LED luminaires. Over the next few months, LG Innotek will be rolling out several new products that support Daintree Networks’ ControlScope open networked wireless control solution.

Over the next few months, LG Innotek will release a Wireless Interface Module, a 30W programmable LED driver, and a 55W programmable LED driver, all with embedded open-standard ZigBee connectivity.

These products will work seamlessly with Daintree Networks’ open-standard ControlScope control solution, and are highly attractive to luminaire manufacturers looking for a simple and low-cost route to add wireless connectivity and control. Utilizing Daintree Networks’ ControlScope open source firmware, LG Innotek designed and built its new driver line with an integrated small-form factor, pluggable ZigBee module. Integrated wireless drivers eliminate the need for separate wireless adapters and associated wiring.

ControlScope, Daintree Networks’ open networked wireless solution for lighting and building control, monitoring, and optimization, reduces energy and operating costs;, improves the occupant experience;, increases business productivity; and scales to manage a large portfolio of buildings. Leveraging an open system architecture and an expanding ecosystem of certified lighting, building, and software partners, ControlScope also serves as a platform for ideal applications such as facility and asset management, and space planning.

The Wireless Interface Module (WIM) has an integrated AC-DC supply for stand-alone operation and an applied AC relay to control the AC main ‘on’ and ‘off.’ The embedded antenna provides easy installation and low cost. The flexible platform accommodates diverse protocols, such as the ZigBee standard. LG Innotek’s WIM is an example of the company’s commitment to increase adoption and help enable the growing embedded wireless market.

The compact size of the new programmable LED Drivers allows manufacturers to add wireless connectivity. With a programmable output current and 0-10V dimming and 1 percent dimmable capabilities, LG Innotek customers have the flexibility to create their own offerings. By adding the optional wireless ZigBee connectivity, the company can provide a low cost, wireless solution.


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