Laird debuts thinnest, smallest, multiple input multiple output wideband iDAS antennas

Laird announced Tuesday its latest wideband iDAS antennas that improve in-building wireless connectivity, as the telecom industry’s thinnest, smallest low PIM MIMO ceiling mounted wideband antenna that meets the design needs of office and apartment buildings, hotels, airports, and other large coverage areas.

MIMO is being used increasingly in many high data rate technologies including indoor wireless and cellular technologies to provide improved levels of coverage and data throughput. Essentially the CFD Ultra Low Profile MIMO Low PIM antenna employs multiple antennas on the receiver and transmitter to mitigate the multi-path effects that always exist to increase data throughput in the presence of interference.

Laird’s CFD Ultra Low Profile Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) antenna is seven millimeters thick, or about the thickness of a smartphone providing an ultra-low profile antenna that provides buildings with ahigh performance antenna for enhanced wireless connectivity.

The patent-pending CFD indoor antenna improves in-building wireless telecommunications and increases capacity delivering consistent, reliable Internet connectivity, further enabling the Internet of Things (IoT).

Industry experts forecast that by 2020, more than 23 billion “things” globally will be connected to the Internet, and about 40 percent of them will be used for business, industrial, healthcare, and other sectors for the enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT).

Furthermore, the majority of EIoT mobile data traffic will be generated indoors at offices, hotels, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, and multi-tenant, multi-use buildings. The rising demand for wireless connectivity requires high performance in-building antennas that can be placed anywhere without being obtrusive.

No other antenna on the market meets the technical and aesthetic requirements better than the new CFD Ultra Low Profile Low PIM MIMO series from Laird.

The CFD Ultra-Low Profile MIMO Low PIM antenna provides pattern coverage optimized for indoor requirements at 698-960 MHz, and 1350-4000 MHz supporting LTE, AWS-3, WCS and CBRS 3.5 GHz global frequency bands.

“Laird’s technology enables the in-building wireless world to work,” said Scott Lordo, senior vice president of Laird. “Improving indoor wireless coverage and capacity usually requires deployment of more ceiling antennas.

“One CFD Low PIM MIMO antenna, however, does the job of two single input single output (SISO) antennas because of their ability to transmit and receive cellular and data signals at the same time from a single, low-profile design all without compromising the in-building design and aesthetics cherished by building tenants, owners and management firms,” Lordo added. “The new CFD Low PIM MIMO Multi-port functionality means fewer antennas per floor which lowers the initial investment and installation costs for building owners.”

The CFD Low PIM MIMO Multi-port indoor antenna delivers superior performance, robust reliability and highly competitive market pricing with an MSRP of $73.15 per unit. The CFD is available and currently shipping.

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