KloudGin joins PTC Partner Network bringing AI-based connected field service, asset and inventory management cloud product to market

KloudGin, an AI-based field service, asset, and inventory management solution which runs on AWS for connected businesses, announced this week that it has joined the PTC Partner Network. Companies join the PTC Partner Network to innovate with technologies, collaborate with the right partners and customers, and capitalize on the digital transformation opportunity.

Technology companies participating in PTC’s Complement Engagement model, ThingWorx Ready, may validate product interoperability with the ThingWorx platform and make their products available on the PTC Marketplace, an online exchange for the Industrial Internet of Things.

PTC Marketplace offers a broad inventory of pre-integrated tools and services that are easy to use and can be leveraged by both partners and customers looking to add value to their own IoT offerings, thereby accelerating their time to market.

PTC validated interoperability between the KloudGin inventory management solution and the ThingWorx platform and as a result KloudGin Al-based Connected Field Service, Asset and Inventory Management Cloud Product is now available on the PTC Marketplace. The integration enables a seamlessly integrated solution that delivers modern, connected equipment management capabilities for remote, predictive maintenance, connected field service, and automated sensor-based asset diagnostic services.

KloudGin combined with PTC’s ThingWorx platform will enable customers to rapidly automate service responses to sensor signals that come from connected equipment and assets.

Receiving signals from PTC’s ThingWorx platform, KloudGin’s AI-based solution receives the connected sensor signal which automatically selects and routes the closest crews with the skill sets, inventory, equipment and ability to service the equipment before a hard-down occurs – and with no human intervention. This solution enables the equipment (not the user) to book service calls, automate inventory replenishment and replacement of assets by instructing the asset to schedule the install, based on end-of-life calculations.

“I am delighted to partner with PTC,” said Vikram Takru, CEO at KloudGin. “There is an exponential growth of data and 80% of the data being created is unstructured. For example, we have GPS data coming in from crews, equipment and IoT sensor devices every 2 seconds, adding billions of data points. Future businesses can enhance the information embedded in their data to radically transform their business models and how they serve their constituents, while increasing safety and efficiency.”

Takru also emphasized that, “Companies will have to rapidly transform to connect crews, back office, partners, customers, sensors, devices, and equipment. Business models are transforming to product-as-a-service, where operations are outcome-based, artificial intelligence-driven, self-learning and massively optimized. KloudGin’s industry-focused, rugged, modern cloud solutions are helping businesses experience rapid transformation in the cloud. KloudGin enables enterprises to automatically choose the right Field Crew, the right Parts and the right Assets, and Intelligently Optimize the Route to provide an outstanding Customer Experience.”


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