Kinetica maps future of automotive sector; delivers analytics and Artificial Intelligence across connected and autonomous vehicle value-chain

Kinetica announced on Wednesday that it is taking steps to bring advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and its GPU engine to the global automotive industry. The company also announced that it is becoming a silver member of The Linux Foundation and a bronze member of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

With location analytics playing a key role in connected and autonomous car use cases, Kinetica also announced a new Mapbox integration which it will release to the open source community and which will dramatically simplify custom development for a new class of applications.

AGL is a collaborative open source project that is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully-open software stack for connected vehicle services. With Linux at its core, AGL is developing an open platform from the ground up that can serve as the de facto industry standard to enable rapid development of new features and technologies for the automotive segment.

Automotive Grade Linux is hosted at The Linux Foundation. Linux Foundation projects are independently funded software projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

AGL added new members this month including Kinetica, Neusoft, NXM Technologies, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Spireon and Veniam. With the addition of these companies and organizations, the project is now 130 members strong.

“We are proud to welcome Kinetica to the Automotive Grade Linux community,” said Dan Cauchy, executive director of Automotive Grade Linux at The Linux Foundation. “As we evolve the AGL platform beyond infotainment, support from companies like Kinetica is crucial. We look forward to leveraging their expertise in data analytics as we continue to develop solutions and support for telematics and vehicle-to-cloud services.”

“The automobile industry is undergoing the most significant evolutionary leap since the first Model T rolled off the production line,” said Paul Appleby, Kinetica CEO. “Rapid evolutions in technology are impacting every stage of the automotive value chain. There is no doubt data will fuel the vehicle of the future, powering everything from navigation to entertainment, AI control to inter-vehicle networking. We are thrilled to join AGL to collaborate with automotive industry leaders to solve these complex data challenges.”

Kinetica is enabling automakers, suppliers and related startups to accelerate how vehicle data insight is generated by combining the accelerated analytics of a GPU database, real-time location intelligence and the power of AI. Linux-based open source software will help to accelerate innovation and speed up time-to-market for automotive customers.

Additionally, as part of its automotive strategy, Kinetica is making Kickbox, its Mapbox integration, available to developers via GitHub. Mapbox is the location data platform for mobile and web applications, providing the building blocks to add location features like maps, search and navigation into any experience.

While Kinetica’s and Mapbox’s software already work together natively, the Kickbox integration abstracts away complexity and enables developers to more rapidly build location-based mapping solutions across any industry with minimal code. Kinetica is contributing the Kickbox code to the open source community to help support innovation in location-based analytics and visualization in the automotive industry and beyond.


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