Kepware’s KEPServerEX V6.2 streamlines data collection and increases plant floor productivity

Kepware, a PTC business developing industrial connectivity software, released this week the KEPServerEX version 6.2 industrial connectivity platform. Significant enhancements include new functionality for the CODESYS Ethernet driver, a new TIA Portal Exporter Utility, Configuration API support for the EFM Exporter, and improved interoperability with the ThingWorx IoT Platform.

KEPServerEX version 6.2 includes CODESYS V3 Connectivity via the CODESYS Ethernet driver to access real-time read/write data for devices running both CODESYS V2.3 and V3 via Gateway or Asynchronous Real-Time Interface (ARTI). Updates give users the ability to connect to devices regardless of configuration. The configuration API support for the EFM Exporter to make programmatic changes to the EFM Exporter configuration via third-party applications—such as SCADA, HMI, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and simple web applications. Users can now create templates and increase remote project security via user-level access parameters.

KEPServerEX version 6.2 includes TIA Portal Exporter Utility. Customers with Siemens S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 controllers that utilize the Siemens TIA Portal can now gain immediate access to their data. Used with the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet driver, the TIA Portal Exporter Utility enables users to automatically generate the specific tags they need for their KEPServerEX projects. Users with third-party applications (such as SCADA, HMI, IoT applications, and simple web applications) can now make programmatic changes to the EFM Exporter—enabling project standardization and simplification.

Customers utilizing KEPServerEX with ThingWorx can now find and utilize industrial data in augmented reality experiences, machine learning models, mashups, or other ThingWorx tools. In conjunction with ThingWorx version 8, KEPServerEX version 6.2 contains new functionality that gives users easy access to all of their KEPServerEX data within ThingWorx Composer, the ability to quickly associate that data with new or existing things in the ThingModel, and the ability to view mapping and critical diagnostic information from the ThingWorx platform.

“Our top priority is supporting real-time data access as we continue to advance our products,” said Jeff Bates, Kepware Product Manager. “With version 6.2, we added additional device connectivity, improved the performance of important driver suites, and improved the functionality of project creation and management tools. This release directly addresses the needs of customers with growing or evolving projects that want to connect to additional devices, workcells, or lines without losing performance.”

Building upon the connectivity provided in its initial release, the CODESYS Ethernet driver for KEPServerEX version 6.2 now provides real-time read/write data access to devices running CODESYS V2.3 and V3. Customers with smart, connected operations using devices that run on CODESYS (a common PLC runtime and development environment) can now easily collect industrial data from disparate devices across their plant.

“By working together on the creation of the CODESYS Ethernet driver for KEPServerEX, Kepware and 3S-Smart Software Solutions have demonstrated how end users can benefit from open automation systems,” said Dieter Hess, CEO of 3S-Smart Software Solutions, the manufacturer of CODESYS. “On the one hand, several hundred different automation systems can now be linked via KEPServerEX. And on the other hand, CODESYS customers have more options for meeting their communication requirements.”

KEPServerEX version 6.2 also includes updates to 19 other server components, drivers, and advanced plug-ins.

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