Kepware unveils KEPServerEX v5.21 to enhance interoperability with ThingWorx IoT platform

Kepware Technologies, a PTC business developing industrial connectivity software, has released KEPServerEX version 5.21 to extend the connectivity options available within KEPServerEX and expands interoperability with the ThingWorx IoT Platform, further enabling the rapid development and deployment of smart-connected solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

KEPServerEX version 5.21 introduces the new ThingWorx native client interface, a fully-integrated solution built to provide rapid connection to industrial things—including PLCs, RTUs, PACs, DAQs, controllers, and more. The ThingWorx native client interface extends KEPServerEX and leverages Kepware’s library of over 150 communication drivers to provide real-time, bi-directional industrial controls data to the ThingWorx IoT Platform.

The KEPServerEX Extension features get and set KEPServerEX ThingWorx-specific project configuration; KEPServerEX namespace browsing; ability to add and remove KEPServerEX tags as properties in the ThingWorx IoT Platform; ability to add items from KEPServerEX with individual scan rates; configurable global scan and publish rates including publish on data change or publish on interval, and/or utilize tag-level scan rates from KEPServerEX.

The update also features a KEPServerEX Extension for the ThingWorx IoT Platform, which allows users to quickly and easily connect and configure ThingWorx-developed applications to KEPServerEX. The extension automatically configures a KEPServerEX remote thing template within ThingWorx and provides services to browse, read, write, and interact with the configuration. It is provided free of charge with the KEPServerEX installation or through the ThingWorx Marketplace.

“This latest product release improves upon what is already the industry’s strongest solution for IoT connectivity and rapid app development,” said Tony Paine, Platform President, Kepware. “The integration provided through the new ThingWorx native client interface gives customers and ThingWorx application developers access to even more options for connectivity and control—streamlining operational efficiencies and delivering better results.”

“At PTC, we are firmly committed to ensuring that the solutions across our entire IoT portfolio are intuitive and highly interoperable,” said Rob Gremley, Group President, Technology Platform Group, PTC. “Customers who choose to standardize on technology from PTC can trust that we are going to provide a seamless experience. This latest release from Kepware is a testament to that commitment.”

In addition to the new ThingWorx native client interface, KEPServerEX version 5.21 also includes 18 updates to the server, select drivers, and advanced plug-ins.

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