Kaspersky, EclecticIQ release Threat Intelligence Platform that can connect and interpret data from open sources, commercial suppliers

A survey of IT Security leaders commissioned by Kaspersky revealed that the role of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analyst is amongst the most challenging to hire, with almost half (49 percent) of chief information security officers (CISOs) agreeing with this. Understaffing in this area may result in a tough situation when existing experts are overloaded with work. 

To help CTI analysts get relevant information from a single entry point instead of searching for and matching different sources, Kaspersky is collaborating with EclecticIQ. Kaspersky continues to work with a variety of partners to deliver Threat Intelligence feeds to more cybersecurity professionals worldwide. 

The Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) from EclecticIQ collects intelligence from open sources, commercial suppliers and industry partnerships and makes them available in a central resource – empowering threat and SOC analysts with the latest actionable and relevant context on cyberthreats. This allows the analysts to stop or swiftly respond to threats through their existing security infrastructure. 

With this integration, users can draw on Kaspersky’s threat intelligence, including access to latest Threat Data Feeds, online search through historical CTI using Kaspersky Threat Lookup (which contains petabytes of information about threats), legitimate objects and their various relationships, and Kaspersky APT Intelligence Reports – revealing methods, tactics, and tools used by advanced malefactors. 

EclecticIQ’s cyberthreat intelligence analysts also use the data to provide additional services to clients through its Fusion Center. The center delivers thematic intelligence bundles, providing customers with a curated single source of relevant cyberthreat information from leading suppliers that is optimized for their organization. 

EclecticIQ Platform Workflow includes support for a range of operational use cases for analysts working within Threat Intelligence practices at enterprises in high-risk industries. Designed for the real-world activities of cyber threat intelligence analysts, EclecticIQ Platform provides a core set of workflows within a single collaborative workspace.

Using these workflows, analysts within Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Fusion Centers, Intelligence Teams and Threat Hunting Teams can discern actionable and relevant intelligence, collaborate with other analysts, update enterprise security controls and share information with external communities.

“We are delighted to now offer our threat intelligence to EclecticIQ customers. EclecticIQ is focused on providing security intelligence to governments and enterprises, especially ones from the financial sector. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Services have been proven to be a source of curated data – helping to defend businesses. And, through this collaboration, customers can benefit from more convenient access to up-to-date and proven insight on the global threat landscape,” comments Veniamin Levtsov, VP for corporate business at Kaspersky. 

“EclecticIQ is constantly thriving to provide CTI analysts with the best possible tools for their work. Through the partnership with Kaspersky we are able to present our customers with a variety of integrations that bring high-class intelligence to their analyst teams,” said Pim Volkers, executive vice president at EclecticIQ. “In conjunction with the capabilities of our Threat Intelligence Platform, businesses and enterprises alike will be able to perform deeper and more informed analyses.”

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