Juganu announces new platform to reshape smart cities market using Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets

Juganu announced on Thursday that they are introducing a disruptive technology designed to reshape the smart cities market.

Juganu’s “Digital World” platform is an end-to-end solution that utilizes chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies, to combine smart lighting, advanced connectivity, and edge processing to solve the technology challenges facing municipalities in the 21st century.

The Juganu Digital World platform offers a cutting-edge AI engine, edge processing architecture, and fast connectivity using the Qualcomm Internet Processor IPQ8065, the Qualcomm QCA9984 and QCA9500 Wi-Fi chipsets, and the Qualcomm QCS605 system-on-chip (SoC) from Qualcomm.

The platform offers integrated solutions to various smart cities problems, including face recognition, license plate recognition, parking management, suspect tracking, hazard and distress detection, and even deployment of 5G small-cells in public spaces in the near future.

Juganu is an advanced lighting and communication global enterprise, which transforms public space into connected and safe areas using the “JNET”, breakthrough wireless communication technology embedded in smart streetlights. Juganu’s proprietary protocols build almost-completely wireless backhaul architecture from streetlights out, as well as indoor lighting, for fraction of cost, while thousands of lights, each one with video cameras, edge analytics, Wi-Fi access point, application processing, edge analytics and small-cell are connected to a single fiber-optic cable.

The Digital World platform is also Juganu’s first highly interoperable platform, allowing easy integration of third-party applications, hardware devices and communication protocols. The platform is based on a simple easy-install lighting system that cities can attach onto existing lighting pole infrastructure, and thus requires no additional new infrastructure to be built in order to be deployed.

The platform also supports third-party hardware and software integration, and the company is already working with various certified third-party partners to provide solutions for VMS and AI.

This move follows Qualcomm’s last week release of the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, which will bring together a diverse community of companies that utilize Qualcomm Technologies’ products to provide a solutions-focused website specifically for Smart Cities applications around the world.

The Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program is designed to connect cities, municipalities, government agencies and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers offering Qualcomm Technologies’ technology-based solutions tailored for Smart Cities applications. Program members represent a breadth of hardware and software providers, cloud solution providers, system integrators, design and manufacturing companies, as well as companies offering end-to-end solutions with Smart Cities in mind.

By providing business matchmaking between those searching for Smart City solutions and our member companies who have proven expertise and commercially deployed solutions based on Qualcomm Technologies’ intelligent connectivity and edge computing products, the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program hopes to accelerate the transformation of smart urban infrastructure and services for the 21st century.

“The Juganu Digital World platform aims to foster the development of smart cities by providing a comprehensive solution embedded in a smart lighting product. We are proud to work with Juganu to further enable cities to become smarter and more connected using our cutting-edge technologies,” said Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and head of smart cities, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The technology is currently being implemented in Benito Juarez, Mexico City in Mexico, supermarket chains and retail stores in Latin America & Europe, and has been selected to be deployed in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, with a long list of near future installations.

“Juganu’s vision is to be the common platform for smart public spaces, and to enable the most advanced services, so people will have better and safer lives. We want to support productivity, efficiency and a better experience using this new platform for connecting people. In Juganu we innovate for brighter life,” said Eran Ben Shmuel, CEO, Juganu Ltd.

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