IoT DevCon 2016: Renesas Electronics America to demonstrate IoT Design Innovation at this week’s event

Renesas Electronics America will explore connected embedded design opportunities and challenges ranging from security to the business of Internet of Things (IoT) at the Internet of Things Developers Conference (IoT DevCon) this week in Santa Clara, California.

Company executives will participate in the conference sessions to explore strategies on how to succeed in the IoT business, as well as technical discussions on designing for the IoT from the platform perspective.

Vin D’Agostino, the company’s vice president of the general purpose unit will discuss why both decision makers and designers must consider new approaches to the development of an IoT end product and how it will benefit the customers and business in his keynote Wednesday, “Whose Hat *is* This?: Right-Fitting Your Business Strategy for the IoT.”

On Thursday, Brian Davis, Vice President of Marketing, Synergy IoT Platform Business Division, Renesas Electronics America will examine and outline reasons why an IoT device must be designed with security in mind, such as technology that prevents corrupting or hacking devices while receiving remote firmware updates, in his session, “Platform Approach to Secure IoT Development.”

This will followed by a session Friday by Semir Haddad, Director of Product Marketing, MCUs and MPUs, Renesas Electronics America, who will review the changes for embedded developers making their devices into IoT devices and how to address these new challenges in “Embedded Development Challenges for the IoT.”

Renesas Electronics America will also showcase its IoT Enabler Kit for RL78. Designed for use with the Renesas RL78 line of microcontrollers (MCUs), a comprehensive development platform that enables professional developers and hobbyists alike to commercialize IoT products through quick and easy prototyping.

A variety of on-board sensors allow users to explore a vast number of sensors for steady innovation in the IoT industry.The solution also comes pre-loaded with demo software that gathers data from the sensors, on-board peripherals and a cloud connectivity suite from Renesas partners Buglabs, Arrow Electronics, and NimbeLink.

The RX111 Wi-Fi Connectivity Kit is a collaboration between Renesas, Qualcomm, Micrium and Medium One delivers an easy-to-configure Wi-Fi cloud connectivity platform. The kit offers end-to-end capability from embedded to mobile devices through ultra-rapid IoT application development and integrated secure cloud services.

The demonstration will also feature a Smart Garage Door Demo that allows users to visualize real-time analytics data, such as sending “close door” commands to devices and emailing diagnostics from a Wireless board.

The Renesas Synergy Device Lifecycle Management demo includes a scheme for ensuring firmware integrity on MCUs during the lifetime of the system. The solution enables OEMs to better protect their software intellectual property (IP) from theft and cloning during manufacture, inhibit counterfeit products, and ensure authenticity when deploying secure remote firmware updates to end products already in the field that use Synergy MCUs.

This demo presents the procedures for secure manufacturing and firmware update processes as well as how to create the encrypted firmware master file for mass production and remote firmware update with the board of the Renesas Synergy DK-S7G2 kit.

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