IoT Data Startup Terbine Opens its Shares via StartEngine

Terbine, a  commercial exchange for the Internet of Things (IoT), opens its shares to the public via StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding provider in the United States. This specific equity crowdfunding campaign makes it possible for interested parties to buy shares without requiring them to be accredited investors. 

Setting the stage for data commerce 

Terbine is said to be leading the charge in data commerce–also considered the next major step to e-commerce. Data commerce involves monetizing data, similar to what e-commerce does for physical products and services.

With this big step. Turbine now has the opportunity to scale up the volume and velocity of trading transactions. The company has also developed proprietary methods to enable the pricing and vending of IoT data on a potentially global scale. 

Currently, the Terbine Data Exchange offers over 30,000 IoT data feeds from around the world. The data included in Terbine’s marketplace includes traffic, water, electricity, and air quality, among others. New feeds are being added as we speak.

To achieve a data commerce-enabled environment, Turbine worked to make IoT data searchable and discoverable. This allowed data providers control over where and to whom data can be provided. In addition, Turbine created solutions on which companies can receive the data, special factors that contribute to receiving the data, and more. 

The question of equity crowdfunding

“We’ve raised funding successfully through an impressive group of Angel investors and family offices thus far,” David Knight, Turbine’s CEO, stated. “As Terbine is intended to solve business problems while enabling initiatives in sustainability, public safety and quality of life in cities, citizen science and more, we feel it’s time to offer our shares more broadly to people who will support our mission.” 

Terbine works with leading-edge technologies including AI, 5G, blockchain and distributed computing, along with key industry partnerships.

Terbine’s move to make its shares available to the public is a big step in the company’s future growth and expansion. With their plans to jumpstart the commercialization of data commerce, it would be a great help to make IoT more accessible and available to a greater number of enterprises and consumers. 

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