InVMA joins with Arm to deliver connected IoT that empowers digital transformation

InVMA, an IoT solution provider, announced a new partnership with Arm to enable enterprise customers to manage, connect, provision and update devices through an end-to-end IoT platform that is scalable and flexible. The partnership with Arm is an extension of that agreement.

A well-designed connectivity management interface is a critical part of IoT deployment as it allows the user to monitor and control IoT devices. Once a device or gateway has been deployed, the user should not need to spend effort on resolving connectivity issues or optimizing the network. The Arm Pelion Connectivity Management service helps automate this process. As data from IoT devices becomes more business critical, dependable connectivity is a ‘must’.

InVMA designs, develops and deploys applications and hardware that improve or transform the way organisations do business. The company enables the creation of new revenue streams, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

As a new breed of IoT solution provider and a Thingworx gold partner, InVMA work closely with clients to address and leverage the disruption IoT creates for businesses.

In June, Arm completed the acquisition of Stream Technologies, which has been the IoT connectivity partner of choice for InVMA for three years.  The partnership already transformed lives with successful delivery of a Connected Care Platform for a medical device manufacturer.

InVMA developed the online platform and facilitated the delivery of the project. Connectivity was enabled by a global roaming SIM that was managed through Stream Technologies (acquired by Arm), and these technologies are now part of the Arm Pelion IoT platform.

“For devices to succeed in the marketplace, they need a strong connection and a seamless user experience” said Patrick Nash InVMA Managing Director. “And in the IoT – where customers already rely on these connected products – a seamless, uninterrupted experience is vital. Therefore, having a trusted partner like Arm gives us confidence in the IoT solutions we deploy.”

“Arm’s connectivity management services offer the market an increasingly comprehensive range of capabilities to support them in achieving their digital transformation goals,” said Nigel Chadwick, senior director connectivity, IoT Services Group, Arm. “InVMA has clearly demonstrated its ability to apply resources and expertise to deliver a wide range of IoT projects and we will continue to provide them with our technology and support.”


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