Internet of Things Consortium adds Informed XP to its elite roster of members committed to push IoT forward

The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) announced Monday addition of Informed XP (IXP) to its esteemed member roster, which includes founders, executives and global IoT companies from within and beyond the technology sector. At the forefront of researching, designing and developing user experiences (UX), IXP is extending the value of UX for the industry, and leading the way forward in contributing to the evolution, adoption and practice of human-centered design.

As connected devices become a part of daily life, it is important to consider the challenges a customer may experience across the lifecycle, from product selection to ease of setup and ongoing use. Such customer journey insights allow manufacturers and providers to significantly increase product adoption and engagement.

UX practitioners rely on research to gather real data from real users to inform and improve design. However, compiling, analyzing and synthesizing that data can often be laborious and manual, especially when using traditional field study methods such as direct observation and contextual inquiry. Due to this, many companies still choose to skip out on important research activities. Therefore, opportunities to make this process less time-consuming and/or easier to digest could benefit the UX field, as well as save companies time and money.

With a team possessing decades of combined experience across user experience (UX), IoT, agile methodologies, web/software development, project management and more, IXP improves end-to-end user experiences through research, analysis, design, customized digital strategies and the constant testing and evaluating of real people and real-world experiences to measure success—all of which results in beautiful and intuitive experiences designed right from the start.

“We are honored to bring to the consortium a partner that is focused on creating engaging and persuasive experiences for individual consumers,” says IoTC CEO Greg Kahn, who Inc. and others have named a principal influencer pushing the boundaries of IoT. “With UX at the heart of the omnichannel experience consumers have come to expect in the digital age, IXP has the tools, expertise and talent to deliver intelligent products and designs— which will help move the IoT industry forward.”

“We are excited to join such an impressive group of individuals, brands and companies working together to realize the full potential of the IoT and a connected future where everyone benefits,” says IXP Founder Tina Williams, a UX leader who has enjoyed researching, creating and managing digital experiences for over 20 years. “From Fortune 500s to start-ups, we’ve spent time across 11 various industries helping teams and organizations achieve their goals, and we look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders to maximize the value of IoT for the human experience.”

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