provides enterprises with artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities announced this week new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning benefits in its latest versions of Predictive PowerDialer and Predictive Playbooks. These predictive features shorten and simplify the sales cycle while increasing revenue growth.

The new offering features Predictive PowerDialer, the leading sales dialer for high velocity sales organizations, introduces a new Best Phone Number feature. Leveraging the InsideSales platform that has processed one billion phone calls, this new feature polls every available phone number from the sales record and compares it with anonymized customer data to show the telephone number with the highest likelihood to respond.

Predictive Playbooks, which increases conversations with the right prospects and customers and builds pipeline for sales teams, includes a best email feature. This feature leverages the same cross-company data to predict the best email address for best contact results.

“Our vision is clear—accelerate each step of the sales process to give our customers actionable predictive insights through the power of real AI and machine learning,” said Dave Elkingon, CEO and founder, “We use billions of pieces of cross-company data to predict the best telephone number to dial, the best email to use, and the best day/time to contact in conjunction with hundreds of other predictive insights. That is the power of real AI.”

“While we have many premium AI capabilities, ‘Predictive for All’ is our goal,” Elkingon said. “No other enterprise solution provider has the breadth of predictive features powered by data and AI, and makes those features available to every customer.” also partnered this week with Microsoft to provide call recording storage for Predictive PowerDialer. Customers can now take advantage of Azure’s cloud services to retain recorded copies of critical sales conversations. The partnership will make a difference for companies concerned about enterprise sales compliance.

InsideSales Predictive PowerDialer enables fast-paced sales reps a more personal and effective way to connect with sales prospects and contacts. Sales reps can reach the right prospects, at the right time, in the right way. Predictive PowerDialer’s call recording feature creates an archive so important information is always accessible. This allows companies to respect sales compliance rules.

“Our customers have created millions of hours of call recordings for coaching or compliance purposes,” said Dave Elkington, CEO and founder of “We wanted to make it simple, secure and cost effective for them to store those recordings for long periods of time. Microsoft offers world-class cloud services through its global network of managed data centers. InsideSales customers using Predictive PowerDialer can retain and review their sales call recordings through our seamless integration with Microsoft Azure.”

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