Inseego debuts IoT cloud solution for industrial IoT applications enables simplified IoT management

Inseego Corp. announced Wednesday availability of its all-new, enterprise-grade Inseego IoT Connect Solution. The device-to-cloud management platform optimizes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) use cases. Its user-friendly, service provider agnostic design allows IT managers and systems integrators to simplify management of critical assets across an enterprise.

Inseego’s recently launched Skyus portfolio, coupled with Inseego IoT Connect and enterprise-level support, creates the strongest all-in-one IIoT solution offering for demanding enterprise use cases including SD-WAN failover environments, digital signage and kiosk connectivity, and utilities infrastructure management.

The enterprise-grade platform supports millions of devices, sensors and machines, connecting them instantly with plug-and-play simplicity in an IT and user-friendly interface.

This Inseego offering allows users to recognize trends in device data, identify signal and usage irregularities, and proactively manage deployment—without the need for support from IT specialists. IoT Connect visualizes device analytics, monitors connections, pushes widespread con gurations, and allows to troubleshoot assets in the field, from one user-friendly platform. It also monitors an entire deployment of devices in mobile or remote environments, from one carrier-agnostic platform; and optimizes connections and data usage with MQTT protocol (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), ideal for limited network bandwidth, low power usage, and mobile applications.

The platform gain real-time visibility on the health of assets, with deep insights on tailored dashboards, and can visualize aggregated session data on signal, location, measurements, and events. It also control the connection of assets, configures devices, and performs bulk operations, like large-scale firmware upgrades. It also sets measurement and threshold rules, associate rules to an individual device or device group, de ne escalation paths, and receive proactive alerts when alarms are triggered.

Inseego IoT Connect is engineered with the latest intelligence features that are designed for easy integration into both present and future IT/IOT environments, such as customizable dashboards, remote updates from one dashboard, secure configuration management, and customizable alerts. Managers have the flexibility to create, deploy and manage IoT in the cloud and at the edge. Elastic distributed architectures may be adjusted as needed.

Managers enjoy secure end-to-end visibility to a full view of all connections, including connected sensors, across an entire enterprise with customizable permissions. Every connected device may be remotely configured – from routing, security and alert settings and more. It also eases account creation and onboarding, and a simplified overall user experience with a fully configurable interface.

“We purposefully designed Inseego IoT Connect as a true device-to-cloud solution with the aim of making the lives of IT managers, systems integrators and project managers easier as various industries move toward IoT-centric operations to streamline workflows,” said Ashish Sharma, executive vice president, IoT & Mobile Solutions of Inseego. “Our intelligent cloud-based platform provides real-time visibility into customer operations and use cases, while our Skyus portfolio of IoT devices and gateways deliver best-in-class connectivity at the edge. This creates the most robust combination of IoT devices and software in the industry.”

The Inseego IoT Connect solution packages with Skyus routers and gateways are commercially available now.


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