Inpixon ZoneDefense 5.16 now provides security-conscious facilities in increasing connected environments

Inpixon announced on Monday availability of ZoneDefense 5.16, a new version of its wireless detection and positioning solution. ZoneDefense software works in conjunction with Inpixon Sensor 4000 to increase security, decrease enforcement personnel requirements, and thwart attempted theft of intellectual property.

With this version, the company continues its commitment to innovation by extending the solution’s scalability and improving the user experience for administrators. It also makes available additional diagnostic tools including reports showing sensor time sync status, database metrics, filehandle usage and more. 

Inpixon’s wireless device detection solution provides situational awareness of nearly all active wireless devices in the monitored environment. The technology locates rogue devices, such as unauthorized access points and eavesdropping equipment, and it enables the enforcement of no-phone zones. 

Further, when used in conjunction with a mobile device management system (MDM), ZoneDefense can trigger the MDM to push more restrictive phone security policies (e.g., disable audio and video recording and wireless transmissions) when phones enter high security areas, and then lift such restrictions when the phone leaves the geofenced zone.

ZoneDefense and the Sensor 4000 are ideal for security conscious facilities including government, healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation, banking and financial institutions, and corporate enterprises. The solution can be used to secure areas such as board rooms, data centers, security and operations command and control centers, merger and acquisition deal rooms, stock exchange trading floors, and more.

The new features and enhancements are live and available in the latest version of Inpixon’s wireless detection and positioning solution. 

“Inpixon is a pioneer in the wireless detection and indoor positioning market,” noted Adam Benson, CTO of Inpixon. “We’re still one of very few products on the market that can detect and position not only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, but also cellular. With this latest release, we continue our history of delivering innovative solutions to address the ever evolving threat landscape.”


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