Ingenu and Leverege join to offer fully integrated development platform for RPMA

Ingenu, vendor of purpose-built IoT connectivity, and Leverege, developer of a suite of cloud-based IoT products, announced the availability of an integrated development platform for RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) application development. The platform will provide application developers with a simple user interface (UI) to view, manage and operate application data which will simplify development and accelerate time to market of IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

The Leverege platform provides a complete and easy-to-use IoT application framework that utilizes the latest advances in high-fidelity simulation, data analytics, containerized software design and scalable cloud architectures.

Ingenu is also building the Machine Network, an IoT network dedicated to LPWA (low-power, wide-area) connectivity for machines. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices around the world. The Machine Network will have further reach, global range and longer lasting battery life than any existing network. Ingenu is led by a highly experienced team, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm.

RPMA penetrates underground, through concrete, and inside dense buildings providing coverage in a way nobody has done before. Capacity is useless if devices have no coverage, and RPMA covers rural Texas oilfields with 400 square miles per tower. The company covers the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area with 17 access points. That is 2,000 square miles of actual coverage with 17 towers. In addition to broad coverage, we can deploy our network to penetrate where our customers’ devices are, even underground, through concrete, or inside dense buildings.

Its distributed, secure system collects and stores data from various streams, enables customers to manage, analyze and visualize data on a responsive dashboard consisting of both native and web applications. The integrated solution utilizes Ingenu’s Intellect device management platform, which controls and collects data from devices on the RPMA network.

“Development of IoT applications is progressing at lightning speed, and time to market is essential,” said Eric Conn, co-founder and chief executive officer of Leverege. “Our expertise in delivering valuable solutions for developers and Ingenu’s leadership in providing reliable machine connectivity will give developers a distinct advantage in competing in the IoT market.”

“We are excited to partner with Leverege as our companies share a culture of technology innovation and customer responsiveness,” said Joshua Builta, vice president of product management, Ingenu. “The Leverege platform will enhance the user experience in developing applications based on RPMA, and will spur new use cases in this rapidly expanding industry.”

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