Infiswift merges with Intel to enable quicker adoption of IoT technology at the enterprise-level

Infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader, announced Monday that it has merged with Intel through the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. The partnership integrates Intel’s hardware with infiswift’s software platform, swiftLab, to accelerate the deployment of intelligent devices and systems across various industries. SwiftLab is an enterprise-grade platform for connecting and managing any devices and cloud services in real-time, will be on display at the Intel Developers Forum 2016 in San Francisco next week.

The swiftLab platform, which is currently available for free for small implementations, enables enterprises to develop, manage and customize connected solutions seamlessly. Various levels of subscription-based access are available for larger projects.

SwiftLab allows users to integrate hardware and cloud services quickly, connect any device using any protocol and personalize data analytics and visualization all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. By collaborating with Intel and each other, alliance members can innovate with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, helping developers deliver first-in-market solutions. Members benefit from early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support to help stay ahead of competition.

Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance members collaborate closely with Intel and each other to release optimized, interoperable solutions based on the latest Intel processors. Their proven, tested products mean faster time to market. The experience Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance members have in working with Intel processors and technologies can give you a significant head start in design efforts.

Over 5,000 solutions based on Intel technology—from component-level products, such as boards and software, to fully integrated systems—are ready to fulfill practically every performance and form factor requirement. Intel’s seven-year extended lifecycle support for embedded processors and chipsets protects development investment.

“Having worked in the solar and tech industry for almost 20 years and done the due diligence on dozens of connectivity solutions, I know the hurdles we’re up against in trying to implement real-time connectivity at scale,” said Kannan Dorairaj, CEO of infiswift. “No implementation I worked on in the past fully met our needs, so we built and programmed the swiftLab platform from the ground up to provide a truly flexible foundation for enterprise solutions.”

“The IoT market is growing at an incredibly rapid pace and no company can do it alone, so Intel created the Internet of Things Solutions Alliance to bring together promising technologies to provide scalable and interoperable solutions that will benefit the industry as a whole,” said Arup Barat, chief commercial officer at infiswift. “We could not be more thrilled that Intel has recognized the potential in infiswift’s highly scalable, secure and cost-effective platform to address the needs of enterprises in energy, agriculture and resource management.”

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