Infiswift buys Smart Resource Labs to boost its IoT platform using data analytics

Infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform company, acquired this week Smart Resource Labs (SRL), a provider of technical asset management tools and performance solutions for complex power systems. The acquisition rounds out infiswift’s end-to-end IoT platform solution by accelerating development of key analytics and visualization capabilities that make collected data truly actionable.

Infiswift is rethinking the enterprise-grade IoT platform by providing the plumbing to connect and manage devices, users and cloud-based services. Its architecture enables security and scalability with a development environment and analytics front end for custom implementations. The ultra-lightweight design and extremely efficient operation make it ideal for intermittently connected and power deficient environments that require real-time operation.

SRL’s capabilities lie in transforming masses of technical data into insight for customers who are focused on electrical submetering, standards-based solar photovoltaic performance reporting and electrical system characterization.

The tools and approach developed by SRL to enable this transformation will be integrated into infiswift’s cost-effective, intuitive and scalable IoT platform, which enables users to connect devices, route and manage data and build applications to manage processes and operations. Together, the technologies complement each other to enhance IoT solutions in energy, agriculture, smart cities and other applications.

“The value we can now provide customers is unmatched,” said Arup Barat, chief commercial officer at infiswift. “Backed by the power of SRL’s analytics engine, we can gather data from any source in real-time and simplify it into more digestible analytics. We now have the tools to understand what needs closer inspection and advise owners, operators, engineers, financiers and other stakeholders on how to take action and make more informed decisions.”

“Infiswift has invested in building a very powerful IoT platform that, coupled with SRL’s experience in building highly effective visualization and analytics tools, allows us to provide a unique, full-service solution,” said Kannan Dorairaj, CEO at infiswift. “It is critical to go beyond seamless connectivity and real-time data to obtain true insight that can be a catalyst for action, and SRL will help us do just that.”

AJ Rossman, director of SRL, will join infiswift as senior director of performance solutions and lead infiswift’s East Coast office in Burlington, VT. As a pioneer in solar data management and performance monitoring, Rossman brings over a decade of experience making sense of enterprise data to drive more efficient operations.

“The capabilities of these technologies together are far greater than the sum of their parts,” said Rossman. “Infiswift’s customers can truly experience the promise of IoT and have the insights necessary to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and enable new services.”

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