Incorta integrates SAP data services with enterprise analytics engine for real-time analytics and query performance

Incorta, enterprise analytics platform that bypasses data modeling to deliver real-time insights straight from operational data, announced on Monday that it has signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with SAP. Through this agreement, Incorta will offer pre-built integrations to SAP applications using SAP Data Services software to customers for bringing SAP application data into the Incorta platform for analysis.

The integrated solution is designed for enterprise customers needing to analyze data from multiple enterprise sources—including SAP software—in real time because it eliminates the need for legacy star schemas or data cubes. With this approach, enterprises can unlock the value of their data by using a single platform for analytics and predictive modeling.

SAP Data Services software helps enterprises access, transform, and connect data, so they can deliver relevant and timely information to critical business functions. The software provides an enterprise information management (EIM) foundation that is intelligent, metadata-driven and open. It offers extensible support of any data volume or variety to support structured, text, big data, device, the Internet of Things (IoT), social or spatial data.

With SAP Data Services, enterprises can support both operational and analytical data-driven initiatives, and access data regardless of type, domain, or source.

Incorta gives business users the real-time reporting and analytic applications they need by aggregating large, complex business data in real time and eliminating the need to reshape data into analytical formats. Utilizing the Direct Data Mapping engine, Incorta delivers improved performance, making the data warehouse obsolete. With Incorta, business users are empowered to make better decisions faster by readily and securely accessing up-to-the-minute business data stored across multiple databases and enterprise applications.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates that Incorta is committed to providing customers with the ability to access, combine and analyze data at very high query speeds,” said Osama Elkady, chief executive officer for Incorta. “We’re thrilled to partner with SAP and utilize SAP Data Services, one of the best enterprise data management software solutions on the market today when it comes to data integration, quality, and cleansing. Through this OEM agreement, we will help customers leverage SAP Data Services as an ideal path for bringing some of their most valuable business data into Incorta.”

“We’re very excited to welcome an innovative company like Incorta into our SAP partner ecosystem,” said Brian Brogan, vice president of SAP’s ISV Partnerships. “The company’s breakthrough Direct Data Mapping technology enables easy analysis of enterprise data volumes in real time, letting enterprise customers overcome a well-recognized and painful problem they’ve been unable to solve until now.”


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