Inaugural IoT Czar of the Year 2021 Winners

IoT Innovator is pleased to reveal the names of the 50 ‘IoT Czar of the Year’ award winners who have demonstrated their dedication to and expertise in the Internet of Things space. IoT practitioners are the ones behind the scenes whose work often goes unrewarded, so the IoT Innovator judging panel was thrilled to recognize 50 of these IoT specialists from across the globe who are advancing the IoT revolution in a truly meaningful way.

The full list of winners (in alphabetical order) includes:

Adam Cheyer, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Ajoy Kumar, Principal Data Scientist – Power Generation Asset Excellence, PG&E

Alan Mihalic, Founder & President, IoT Security Institute & SCCISP Campus

Alisa Asin, Co-Founder and CEO, Libelium

Arun Kumar, Assistant professor Panipat Institute Of Engineering And Technology SAMALKHA

Barbara Pareglio, Executive Director for Connectivity for Aviation and Drones, GSMA

Brad Walters, Founder and CEO, Monnit

Brandon Cannaday, CPO, Losant

Chris Pietschmann, Principal DevOps, IoT, and Cloud Solutions Architect and Developer, Microsoft

Chuck Martin, Author, Speaker Net Future Institute

Daniel Elizalde, Founder, Daniel

Danny Dig, Director PPI Center, Professor of Computer Science, University of Colorado

David Antar, President, IPVideo Corporation

David Hill, Executive Director, IoT Community

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka, Chief Data Scientist, Accenture

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, Thought Leader, Digitalmehmet

Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP, HP Fellow, Global Head of Edge and IoT Software Lab, HPE

Dr. Wilhelm Bielert, Chief Digital Officer, Premier Tech

Erik Varney, Managing Director, IoT, Verizon Wireless

Fawad Khan, Cloud & Digital Transformation Leader Microsoft

Francesco Morese, CTO, Olea Sensor Networks

Gilles Lunzenfichter, CEO, Medisanté

Greg Kahn, CEO, GK Digital Ventures

Helena Lisachuk, Deloitte IoT Global Lead, Deloitte

James (Jim) Caldwell, Manager, IT, Boeing Global Services, Boeing

James Odeyinka, Technical Architect and Cybersecurity Leader, Walgreens

Jenny Fielding, General Partner, The Fund

Jimmy Dahlqvist, Lead Cloud Architect of IoT, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

John Healy, VP, GM IoT Platform, Intel

Josh Builta, Research Director, Omdia

Josh Taubenheim, IoT Solution Developer and Analyst

Kevin Ashton, Co-founder, Auto-ID Centre, MIT

Kevin Hendrickson, Professional Security Compliance, PWC Account, DXC

Kipp Jones, CTE, Skyhook

Mark Lynd, Head of Digital Business, Netsync

Michael Tendo, CTO, Loft Uganda

Pamela Jennings, CEO/CTO, Construkts Inc

Rajashree Rao, Head of AI Innovation Hub, R2 Data Labs at Rolls-Royce (RR)

Reese Mozer, Co-Founder and CEO, American Robotics

Ricky Singh, VP, IoT Americas, Software AG

Rob Martens, President, Allegion Ventures

Rob Tiffany, VP, Global Head of IoT Strategy, Ericsson

Ronald van Loon, CEO/Principal Analyst, Intelligent World

Sarah Cooper, GM, Industry Products, AWS

Scott Amyx, Managing Partner, Amyx Ventures

Steve Liang, Founder and CTO, SensorUp

Toby Rukert, Chairman, Board Member, CEO, Founder, UIB

Todd Keitel, founder and the principal developer, Gate43

Tony Shakib, Partner General Manager, Microsoft

Tracci Schultz, Senior VP, FedEx

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