Impinj launches enterprise-grade RAIN RFID reader for IoT offerings, delivering performance, deployment simplicity

Impinj Inc., provider of RAIN RFID solutions, introduced the Impinj R700 reader. Designed for enterprise-grade RAIN deployments, the Impinj R700 reader delivers key performance with receive sensitivity, fast network connectivity, and edge processing for next-generation IoT solutions.

The Impinj R700 reader builds on the heritage of the Impinj Speedway reader family, enabling developers to build and deploy IoT solutions. 

Impinj R700 features include –92 dBm receive sensitivity enables reading smaller, global RAIN RFID tags at high speed for demanding use cases such as RAIN-based loss prevention; 1 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, and Gigabit Ethernet allow developers to deploy sophisticated on-reader tag-processing algorithms that leverage low-latency connectivity to enterprise IoT applications; and delivers support for up to 32 antennas with one-wire antenna connectivity facilitates large-scale system deployments.

The new reader offers integrated, standardized connectors provide rich support for external peripherals, with secure, upgradable Linux operating system, encrypted software image, and a secure software boot with chain-of-trust prevents unauthorized software execution and addresses the demanding security needs of enterprise customers.

“Our supply-chain customers require the enterprise-grade performance and reliability delivered by the Impinj R700 reader integrated in the SLS smartPortal dock door solution,” said Jeff Hudson, president of Smart Label Solutions, a process engineering and RFID solutions company focused on automating and optimizing supply chains. “The new Impinj R700 reader allows us to deliver superior performance by improving read accuracy and enabling us to read more tags, faster.”

The introduction of the Impinj R700 reader follows Impinj’s recent introduction of the Impinj M700 endpoint IC family. Both are key elements of the Impinj platform, which comprises RAIN endpoints ICs, connectivity and software. Organizations globally use the Impinj platform to connect items to applications, replacing assumptions about those items with direct observations, thereby gaining confidence to take action to improve their operations.

“Leading enterprises are connecting everything to the IoT,” said Impinj CEO Chris Diorio. “We designed the Impinj R700 to meet the needs of those IoT deployments today and tomorrow. With industry-leading receive sensitivity, the Impinj R700 can read ever-smaller, global RAIN tags at the highest speeds. It also builds on Impinj’s long history delivering readers with enterprise-grade reliability, maximizing solution up-time, and protecting enterprise investments.”

Impinj R700 FCC readers are currently available in limited quantity, with additional regional support and general availability expected later this year. 

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