Iguazio releases open source serverless framework Nuclio for enterprises

Iguazio, provider of continuous data platform for real-time applications, released on Wednesday enterprise version of Nuclio, its open-source serverless framework. Nuclio is a fully integrated, cloud-neutral serverless framework for high-volume data processing, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Iguazio and Microsoft have developed native integration for Nuclio with multiple Microsoft Azure services, providing the fastest, most advanced serverless framework deployable at the edge, in leading cloud vendors or on prem, while offering seamless workload portability among all three environments. Iguazio powers serverless for the enterprise with its Continuous Data Platform, simplifying operational challenges and enabling a faster delivery of solutions.

The Iguazio Continuous Data Platform digitally transforms businesses by analyzing data from a variety of sources and types to create actionable insights. Through its platform, Iguazio simplifies the development and deployment of high-volume, real-time, data-driven applications to extend the cloud experience to the edge and on-premises environments.

Iguazio accelerates the digital transformation of manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and others by supporting rapid development of applications for the Internet of Things, autonomous systems, media, cybersecurity and smart mobility.

“Nuclio is now running natively in the Azure Kubernetes Service and is fully integrated with Azure’s Application Insights,” said Liam Kelly, GM Commercial Software Engineering EMEA at Microsoft. “Iguazio is enabling Microsoft clients to rapidly build real-time applications, leveraging Azure’s native platform features such as events, monitoring and microservices.”

“Iguazio’s platform is unique in that it combines high performance and data services with serverless functions,” added Mika Borner, Management Consultant for Data Analytics at LC Systems. “We use Nuclio to develop solutions in the cloud for deployment either at the edge or on prem, allowing us to rapidly develop and operationalize applications.”

“We’re working to define standards for serverless with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), enabling hybrid and edge clouds to offer customers better choices,” said Yaron Haviv, Iguazio CTO and Co-Founder. “Nuclio is the first serverless platform to adopt CloudEvents standards and support the broadest range of event triggers, ensuring application portability and reuse across clouds and the edge.”


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