Huawei launches cloud managed network offering aimed at SMBs, branch networks, IoT

Huawei unveiled this week a cloud managed network solution that enables cloud-based wireless and wired network planning and management for SMBs, large enterprises with branch networks and Internet of Things (IoT). Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution will manage wireless access points, switches, firewalls, access routers, and enterprise gateways. The CMN solution will be applicable to three major scenarios: SMB/Branch, large enterprise campus, and IoT that achieves edge computing.

Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network (CMN) solution, introduced during Interop Las Vegas 2016, will support public and private cloud, and will be available to enterprises through managed service providers (MSPs).

Currently available for testing by MSPs, Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution comprises of cloud management platform; a complete series of Huawei Agile Network equipment on which cloud management is based, including APs, firewalls, switches, and access routers. Most existing models can be integrated with the Cloud Managed Network solution through a software upgrade, and cloud-based network planning tool, mobile O&M app, and cloud-based preventive maintenance inspection tool.

Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution will support both public cloud-based management and on-premise private cloud management. It will provide more flexible, secure service capabilities, including multi-level user management and fine-grained policy control for large enterprises. The solution will also serve as a service provisioning platform, enabling the quick provisioning of value-added services.

Huawei will provide its Cloud Managed Network solution via three models – MSP/carrier-hosted public cloud where MSPs and carriers will purchase the Huawei cloud management platform and deploy it on their own or a third-party public cloud to provide cloud management services to enterprise customers; Enterprise private cloud wherein companies will purchase Huawei network hardware and the corresponding Cloud Managed Network solution licenses, set to be available in the first quarter of next year, and Huawei-hosted public cloud.

With cloud computing and cloud services emerging as the only practical strategy for meeting the demands of multimedia-enabled applications and the crush of big data, traditional, fixed-network technologies lack the flexibility and extensibility to accommodate the pace of change in converged ICT environments where innovation is happening at the speed of thought.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the challenge is even greater, as is the opportunity for delivering CMN services. Successful SMBs focus on unique core competencies, turning to partners and third-party vendors to provide facilities, manufacturing services, HR recruiting and benefits management. SMBs — and even some larger enterprise customers — want networks and IT services “on demand;” they realize the waste of time and money needed to buy systems and train O&M personnel to keep up with their needs.

The on-demand purchasing of network equipment and management services offers choice of plug-and-play devices; simplified, dynamic, and centralized O&M capabilities; alongside the flexibility to innovate new business and management models.

According to recent IDC statistics, Cloud Managed Services, a new, emerging Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), is quickly gaining traction in the enterprise space, increasing at an annual rate of over 50 percent.

“Massive numbers of network nodes can result in complicated network O&M and management problems to SMBs, campus networks, and IoT deployments. Huawei’s Cloud Managed Network solution delivers elasticity, openness, and service automation, and provides a secure, reliable, unified platform for Big Data analytics and value-added services,” said Ma Da, Huawei’s general manager for solutions, switch and enterprise communications product line. “As part of our ‘All Cloud’ strategy for enterprises, Huawei will assist our customers in the cloud migration of enterprise IT infrastructure. Huawei’s Cloud Management Network solution is a key element in simplifying that migration.”

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