HP Enterprise, PTC announce availability of converged IoT offerings to deliver business value

PTC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced Monday a planned collaboration to facilitate the availability of the Converged IoT Solutions, based on PTC ThingWorx software and HPE Edgeline Systems. As planned, the collaboration will focus on industrial use cases, incorporating PTC’s ThingWorx IoT platform technologies and HPE’s hardware and data services.

PTC and HPE will be demonstrating an example of their latest combined IoT technology at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona later this week. The demonstration at IoT Solutions World Congress builds off of these technologies that are being featured at HPE’s IoT Innovation Lab in Houston, Texas, and at industry events such as PTC’s LiveWorx event.

The planned collaboration of HPE, a global leader in computing and data processing, with PTC, vendor of visualization and augmented reality, is expected to result in the availability of a pre-tested best-in-class hardware and software combination that will enable customers to solve IoT data management problems and make decisions from sensor data more effectively.

As planned, the collaboration between PTC and HPE would demonstrate complete hardware and software technologies specifically designed for IoT edge computing and smart, connected solutions. This includes sensors, edge compute, real-time edge analytics, machine learning, and augmented reality.

“Companies working together to solve industry challenges is the fastest way to accelerate IoT innovation and bring about meaningful business value,” said Andrew Timm, chief technology officer, PTC. “Our work to date with HPE demonstrates what is possible when two leading IoT companies come together with a mutual goal of addressing some of the IoT’s foremost challenges and creating new IoT solutions.”

“The IoT promises access to immense amounts of pent up data which hold great insights that enable customers to accelerate business, engineering, and scientific outcomes,” said said Dr. Tom Bradicich, VP & GM, Servers and IoT Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The HPE Edgeline Converged IoT Systems coupled with Aruba connectivity and PTC’s leading technologies are a strong combination for unleashing these data and insights for our customers.”

PTC had in June this year expanded its IoT technology platform by delivering comprehensively distributed, real-time edge computing capabilities, designed for the rigor of industrial use cases. PTC now offers a pre-integrated edge ‘solution stack’ that collects and aggregates data from sensors, performs highly automated machine learning and predictive analytics, enables web and mobile development, and supports augmented reality experiences.

With these innovations, PTC not only supports edge computing with the technology platform, but additionally supports distributed, hybrid deployments that include capabilities both at the edge and in the cloud.

PTC at the time chose to work with IoT technology companies like HPE and National Instruments (NI) to optimize the performance of the PTC technology platform. This optimization enables ease of deployment and rapid time to value in cases where edge computing is required.

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