HotSchedules, Kitchen Brains integrate to get appliances on Internet of Things circuit

HotSchedules, vendor of cloud-based mobile technology for the restaurant and hospitality industries, has joined with Kitchen Brains to bring its SCK Quality Production Manager (QPM) together with the HotSchedules IoT Platform.

Kitchen Brains’ QPM application integrates cooking platforms such as fryers and ovens with real-time point-of-sale (POS) data. The integration plans, directs, and reports cooking instructions to ensure that food is always hot, fresh and available for guests.

The IoT Platform will eliminate the complexity and costs of connecting QPM to other restaurant technologies especially POS systems.

HotSchedules delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to automate operational challenges, making working for and in restaurants easier and more efficient. Its products include social recruiting, e-learning, comprehensive labor management, BI, inventory, print and digital logbooks and various applications built on their self-publishing API platform. HotSchedules currently serves over 2 million users in over 150,000 locations across 26 countries.

By connecting Kitchen Brains QPM with the HotSchedules IoT platform POS, solutions and cooking equipment will work seamlessly, eliminating traditional API complexities while allowing restaurants to maximize their existing IT investments. Restaurants will be able increase speed-of-service, improve food quality and reduce wastage while cutting IT costs.

The HotSchedules IoT platform will collect QPM’s data on food quality, wastage, inventory consumption, speed of service and savings. From the cloud, this data can be delivered to any analytics solution including HotSchedules Reveal, an app that provides actionable insights for hospitality businesses on a smartphone, tablet or browser. The data can also be linked to HotSchedules Inventory, a mobile application that enables restaurants to track and manage inventory and queue orders for products that are below ideal quantities.

The HotSchedules IoT Platform gives stakeholders and IT teams the environment and tools to execute a mobile-first strategy customized to a restaurant’s operation. By adopting one of the HotSchedules applications, clients can decide to build their own, or turn to third-party developers and partners. It connects hard-to-reach data sources in the cloud and is flexible enough to retrofit legacy systems, working like a buffet of information that stores and internal teams can choose to connect  and use without the usual integration roadblocks.

Whereas restaurants must normally create one-to-one integrations between each application and technology they use, the IoT Platform becomes a hub for all integrations. In other words, if 10 restaurant technologies would normally call for 45 separate integrations, the HotSchedules IoT Platform reduces that number to just 10. If one technology, such as a new POS system or fryer, is replaced,  like a new POS system or fryer, it can be connected to the IoT Platform without affecting the other integrations. Thus, restaurants can evolve their technology and dining experience without the usual IT hassles.

In addition, developers can build new integrations and applications for the HotSchedules IoT Platform. As the platform centralizes all in-store, near-store and above-store data in the cloud, any HotSchedules app or third-party app connected to the platform can access that data, thereby allowing developers to create applications much faster and less expensively than normal.

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