Hitachi Vantara part of Colorado Smart Cities Alliance; joins fellow alliance member Arrow Electronics to advance smart cities, smart spaces

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., announced that it has joined the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance. The alliance is a coalition of Colorado municipalities, federally funded research labs, educational institutions and private sector technology companies.

Alliance members seek to build partnerships, pilot new smart-cities technologies and improve Colorado communities through increased economic opportunities, better public safety and sustainability, and improved growth management and planning.

As a technology adviser and partner in the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, Hitachi Vantara, alongside its partner and founding alliance member, Arrow Electronics, will advise and consult to help Colorado municipalities fuel innovation, solve local challenges and improve smart city development. They will do so through the use of data-driven insights derived from the internet of things (IoT), big data, advanced analytics and video intelligence technologies and solutions.

Hitachi Vantara’s membership in the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is another example of the company’s work to advance smart-city initiatives around the globe from Copenhagen, Denmark to Moreno Valley, California.

Hitachi Vantara helps data-driven leaders find and use value in their data to innovate and reach outcomes that matter for business and society. The company combines technology, intellectual property and knowledge to deliver data-managing solutions that help enterprises improve their customers’ experiences, develop new revenue streams,while lowering the costs of business.

“Smart cities need smart insights. When cities and organizations have access to shared business, operational and security intelligence along with actionable insights, they can run more efficiently, deliver better services and improve safety and security for residents and businesses,” said Jay McGloin, Americas vice president of Partners and Strategic Alliances at Hitachi Vantara. “We are excited to join the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance to improve access for Colorado municipalities to technologies and solutions that keep traffic flowing and transit safe, create secure buildings, retail spaces, campuses and airports, and make life better in the digital age.”

“As a long-time partner and founding alliance member, we welcome Hitachi Vantara to the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance,” said Matthew Bailey, Smart Cities Global Practice Leader at Arrow Electronics. “As a leading provider of IoT, analytics and video intelligence solutions, the expertise Hitachi Vantara brings to the alliance can offer Colorado cities a path to solutions for best-in-class infrastructure, public safety and smart transportation. We are excited about how we can help cities become ‘smarter’ together.”

“The challenges facing cities today are so complex that no one city, company or research institution can solve them on their own,” said Jake Rishavy, co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and vice president of Innovation for Denver South Economic Development Partnership, another founding member organization. “This complexity requires the type of cross-jurisdictional and public or private collaboration that we facilitate through the Alliance. The global reach of technology partners like Hitachi Vantara and Arrow Electronics allows us to bring the leading technology solutions in the world to bear on these complex challenges. We are honored to have both of them in our corner as we work to fundamentally improve quality of life for Colorado residents.”

Beyond the alliance, Hitachi Vantara and Arrow Electronics are expanding their efforts around Smart Cities and Smart Spaces, using their combined solutions, expertise and reach to offer customers a comprehensive, scalable platform for public safety and smart transportation, including the Hitachi Visualization Suite.

On Thursday, Hitachi Vantara announced the availability of Hitachi Digital Evidence Management (HDEM), an integrated solution to address the challenges of digital evidence management in modern policing.

The exponential increase of digital evidence from an ever-greater number of sources has challenged law enforcement with the complex and time-consuming task of identifying and organizing digital evidence needed for investigation and prosecution.

Law enforcement officials are challenged by compliance policies and procedures such as evidence disclosure rules. They are also hampered by antiquated manual processes that can introduce delays and mistakes from the initial collection of evidence within existing pools of information to its ongoing management throughout an investigation. These growing challenges can limit the ability of law enforcement to manage the collected evidence efficiently and ensure that it is available when required.

Hitachi Digital Evidence Management is scalable, permitting the collection of data from any digital source so it can be placed in context for an investigation or prosecution. This includes body-worn and car video cameras, mobile phones, documents, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other digital information sources. Using HDEM, law enforcement can identify and associate evidence with a particular case, and secure, analyze, clip, redact and handle it according to the guidelines of police information management in the local jurisdiction.

Measures to enable GDPR compliance are built into the application together with security and user provisioning to assist law enforcement in building criminal cases and gaining further intelligence from the collected digital evidence.

By automating the discovery, processing, analysis, organization, storage and sharing of information that is retrieved from multiple evidential sources, HDEM is data-agnostic, meaning that it even works with dissimilar data formats from multiple sources. This capability allows law enforcement to paint a comprehensive and integrated evidential picture and supports prosecution efforts, helping law enforcement lead criminal cases to more efficient and effective closure.

HDEM also manages evidential continuity and integrity issues to prevent challenges to its validity. The solution allows seamless delivery of evidence packages to the prosecuting authorities for both pre-charging decisions and case progression. The core HDEM platform ingests data from the repositories of existing endpoint devices such as body-worn video and has web portals available for the public and partners to upload possible evidence directly into the solution.

Additional modules are available, including live facial matching for greater insight from the collected digital evidence.


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