HCC Embedded buys networking business of InterNiche Technologies to deliver single platform to IoT device developers

HCC Embedded acquired on Thursday networking business of InterNiche Technologies, a U.S. supplier of embedded networking protocol software. Through this acquisition HCC has created a global, combined business that streamlines and simplifies the development of networking and storage solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Effective immediately, HCC assumes responsibility for providing legacy and technical support to users of InterNiche networking software.

HCC provides data storage and communications software solutions that keep IoT data secure, encrypted, reliable, and fast. InterNiche is well known for its mature code and high-quality Internet protocol software and networking expertise, specifically targeting connected device implementations.

InterNiche’s NicheStack products and extensive IoT protocols complement HCC’s MISRA-compliant networking and fail-safe storage portfolio.

In the short term, all products previously available from both companies will be available for licensing as before. HCC has strengthened its technical and sales presence in the U.S. by bringing former InterNiche engineers and sales professionals together in one office in San Jose with HCC Embedded America and plans to announce an integrated product roadmap in the near future.

eTaskSync is HCC’s MISRA-compliant scheduler used for running tasks in an embedded system. HCC provides many middleware products whose operations need

to be properly synchronized and coordinated. This can be achieved using a small subset of the typical functions of a standard kernel: tasks, events and mutexes. eTaskSync is designed to provide that synchronization. It uses a priority based, pre-emptive scheduling mechanism, which can be used in any real-time embedded application.

eTaskSync is delivered with detailed MISRA compliance reports, MC/DC and object

and statement code coverage tests. eTaskSync is suitable for a range of embedded

applications, but it is ideal for those that require a high level of integrity and verification such as systems in the industrial, medical and transportation markets.

HCC has developed its own rigorous coding standard to create a concise, strongly typed subset of the C language for use in embedded systems. The result is clean,

clear and robust code without ambiguities. It is appropriate for use on the most critical embedded applications. Full compliance documentation was generated using the LDRA Tool Suite. It is supplied to help customers integrate with existing development processes and to confirm that the highest standards of compliance have been met.

“Over its 26-year history, the U.S.–based InterNiche team has provided high-quality networking protocol and application software to a broad range of customers. The addition of that team’s portfolio and reputation to HCC’s strong position in Europe creates an impressive solution for developers worldwide and should greatly improve the quality of IoT devices coming to market,” said Dave Hughes, CEO of HCC Embedded. “Our aim is to provide the most reliable, most secure, and safest data storage and communications solutions for the IoT, backed by strong, global technical support.”

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