Greenwave’s AXON platform integrates Nuance’s AI-powered voice, language understanding for IoT applications

Nuance Communications and Greenwave Systems announced Monday that Greenwave has integrated the Nuance Mix voice and AI-powered natural language understanding (NLU) technologies as part of its AXON Platform for managed services.

Nuance Mix combines its voice recognition, text-to-speech, wake-up word, voice biometrics, signal enhancement and AI-powered NLU into a single platform that is fully customizable and scalable for the world’s leading service providers. Further, Nuance Mix is data-driven – leveraging user speech data to learn and understand human language, while also providing service operators with access to that data to drive new innovations or features.

Working together, Nuance and Greenwave will afford networking and communications service providers the ability to create new conversational Internet of Things (IoT) services, devices and experiences connected to disparate technologies and systems in enterprises, industrial settings and in the smart home. The union brings deeply integrated voice capabilities to the IoT.

Greenwave’s AXON Platform already powers millions of advanced networks; it is trusted by leading telecom, cable and utilities service providers to power their managed services for audio, video, broadband and energy management systems.

Unlike vertical applications built to a narrow set of specific use cases, AXON Platform is horizontally built and modular by design, scaling to connect a range of device-powered, real-time data. As the IoT ecosystem evolves, AXON Platform extends to manage IoT services.

With the AXON Platform, IoT language barriers are a thing of the past. Data from devices and services with disparate protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave, are translated into the same, standard IP-based language, leveraging an automation engine to connect the range variety of IoT devices from the widest variety of vendors.

AXON Platform acts as an on-ramp for new IoT devices and services, empowering partners to create, deploy and maintain innovative new revenue-generating applications with speed and certainty. Its IoT platform enables operators around the world to monetize their networks for the connected future, reduce complexity, and simultaneously address security, flexibility and scale.

Integrating Nuance’s AI-powered NLU and voice capabilities with Greenwave’s AXON Platform gives service providers the ability to offer seamless connectivity between IoT devices and services that not only lets “things” and services talk to each other, but also lets people converse with their apps, services and devices.

Integrated solutions made incredibly intelligent through data-driven AI let providers maximize a frictionless experience between humans and their technology. Within the smart home or the enterprise, this collaboration between Greenwave and Nuance will deliver bespoke virtual personal assistants that are conversational, intelligent and easily integrated into any IoT environment.

According to IDC, 58 percent of organizations worldwide see the IoT as strategic to their business, and 24 percent see IoT as transformational. Additionally, smart home penetration is anticipated to reach 60.7 percent of homes in the U.S. by 2021. Such conditions create significant opportunity for reimagining both business and personal technology interfaces.

“ Voice control and activation is the most natural and intuitive interface,” said Christos Lagomichos, chief operating officer, Greenwave Systems. “With several products, services and standards making their way into the home, we found that adding the multi-language capability from Nuance to be the solution that helps us meet the demand from our global operators providing IoT to their consumers. The same is true of industrial use cases and complicated enterprise IoT applications: voice-based interfaces ease that engagement. Together with Nuance, we’re empowering service providers with the ability to deliver unique yet powerful IoT experiences that are intelligent, conversational and work hand-in-hand to deliver on the promise of ubiquitous connectivity.”

“Service providers have a clear opportunity to lead the smart home market with a number of offerings and services already central to today’s connected home,” said Dan Faulkner, senior vice president, communications service providers, Nuance Mobile. “What’s long been missing is a flexible and scalable platform that isn’t closed or proprietary, and makes it possible for a variety of smart home systems to talk to each other. Our collaboration with Greenwave changes all of that – giving service providers their opportunity to create and deliver unique home automation and IoT offerings that are conversational and customizable.”

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